2023 Fisker Ocean

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The 2023 Fisker Ocean is an upcoming all-electric SUV by renowned automotive designer Henrik Fisker. Fisker is known for its stunning sports car creations, launched the short-lived Fisker Karma hybrid plug-in luxury sedan, like BMW Z8, Aston Martin DB9. Fisker has produced some of the most beautiful vehicles so far, but the company never really knocked it off. However, Fisker has fulfilled its word and unveiled its first electric SUV at the Consumer Electronics Show.

The Fisker Ocean 2023 SUV looks to be a healthy package and has enough to accept some of the fierce competitors in the market. In front, the Fisker Ocean comes with sleek LED headlights and a closed grill. The LED Daytime Running Light strip looks intimidating and extends all the way to the grill. The Fisker Ocean 2023 model’s bumper also has two curved LED strips that double as turn indicators. The Fisker logo is on the hood and sits inside a cut-out instead of being glued onto the body itself.

2023 Fisker Ocean Electric SUV

2023 Fisker Ocean Electric SUV

The bumper comes with a huge air dam that features a till-like design. The wing reflector are adjusted on the doors, and painted body color in the lower half. The door handles are illuminated and touch sensitive. When not in use, they slip back into the body. Another cool feature on the Fisker Ocean is the unique turn signal indicator on the D-pillar. It is a vertical rod and sits in a nice house that looks aesthetically pleasing.

2023 Fisker Ocean : Interior

Inside, the Fisker Ocean interior design is very modern, and high-tech cabin like it’s reveals. 2023 Ocean Front and center is a 16-inch portrait-focused touchscreen, flanked by a 9.8-inch screen that serves as the instrument panel. In contrast to Tesla’s Model Y cabin, which can be minimalist to a bug, the Ocean’s touchscreen includes a row of buttons below it for accessing high-level interface functions. The steering wheel also has a classic set of management to interact with the various systems at play.

2023 Fisker Ocean Interior

2023 Fisker Ocean Interior

Fisker Ocean’s technology offerings are largely under wrapping at the moment. We are skeptical of the promised head-up display integrated directly into the windshield. It’s a neat concept, but it’s much more complicated than current HUDs, let alone much more expensive to replace. The California Mode, as it is called, is more realistic. It opens all available windows, including lowering the glass on the rear hatch, at the touch of a button.

2023 Fisker Ocean : Engine

The 2023 Fisker AWD standard version will develop more than 300 horsepower, with 2WD models possibly making less. A more powerful Ocean is also in the works. Output is indefinite, but Fisker says it hopes to achieve a 0-60 mph time of less than 3 seconds. On the battery side, the Ocean package will have more than 80 kWh of capacity. Fisker is working with Electrify America to streamline payments for Fisker vehicles at Environment Agency charging stations. Unlike many of its competitors, the Ocean can also accept the full 150-kW charging rate that many Environment Agency stations provide. Fisker calculate the charging 15% to 80% adds 200 miles of range and takes 30 minutes at 150 kW. Fisker also says that every Ocean will come with a free bundle of miles on the American Electrify network.

2023 Fisker Ocean : Safety

Although it’s not know what specific driver assistance features will be come with 2023 Fisker SUV, offer many of the standard and optional safety features common to contemporary automobiles as well as autonomous features. For more information on Ocean crash test results, visit the websites of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Highway Safety Insurance Institute (IIHS). There are no details on what type of limited warranty or powertrain warranty will accompany the upcoming Ocean. Similarly, it is unknown whether Fisker will offer complimentary scheduled maintenance or not. For 2023 Fisker Ocean, it is unknown whether Fisker provides free scheduled maintenance.