2022 Mercedes Maybach GLS

September 2nd, 2021 by Linda | 0 Comments | Maybach

The 2022 Mercedes Maybach GLS is a full-size luxury SUV based on Maybach’s design, performance and innovative features. The 2022 Maybach GLS cabin is made of luxurious materials such as Nappa leather and open perforated wood. The 2022 Maybach GLS 600 comes in a single well-equipped trim level. Speed ​​limit assistant, road sign detection, stop position, ambient camera system and head lift display are also standard for 2022 Mercedes Maybach GLS model.

2021 Maybach S650

February 27th, 2021 by Linda | 0 Comments | Maybach

The 2021 Maybach S650 is a luxury sedan that is ready to compete with other ultra-luxury cars, powerful two-turbo V-8 power unit that consumes no power. Maybach S650 will share its platform with the new S-Class and offer the same entertainment and technology to help drivers.

2020 Maybach GLS

August 3rd, 2020 by Linda | Comments Closed | Maybach

The 2020 Maybach GLS is an Ultra-luxury SUV. The Maybach GLS is a luxury-focused version of Germany’s largest SUV, designed to compete with Bort Bent Bentga and Roll-Royce Cullinan. Inside, Maybach 2020 GLS cabin is similar to the standard SUV, though with more upgrades and technology.

2020 Maybach s650

July 4th, 2020 by Linda | Comments Closed | Maybach

The 2020 Maybach s650 is based on the open S-Class and has embraced the aesthetic, among other features. Maybach s650 2020 model’s interior design is part of the car’s special features. The Maybach s650 shares its impressive range of standard features with the powerful S560 4MATIC.


July 3rd, 2020 by Linda | Comments Closed | Maybach

Maybach is a German car manufacturer that today exists as a sub-brand of Mercedes-Benz. The Maybach company was founded in 1909 by Wilhelm Maybach and his son. In 1960, Maybach was purchased by Daimler-Benz. During World War II, Maybach produced the engines for most tanks and half-tracks of Nazi Germany.

2019 Mercedes Maybach

August 28th, 2019 by Linda | 0 Comments | Maybach

2019 Mercedes Maybach Sedan is available in S 560 4Matic and S 650 trims. 2019 Mercedes Maybach is powered by a V8 turbocharged and only comes with all-wheel-drive, so in our book, it earns points for efficiency in having an all-weather performance.