2021 Fisker Karma

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2021 Fisker Karma is a premium electric sports sedan developed by Fisker Automotive. The 2021 Fisker Karma Revero GTE will be available in the USA from the spring of 2021 and in China and Europe from the autumn of 2021. The twisted story of Karma Automotive has entered a new chapter this year, as the company seems to have finally found its own bearings and released many interesting, and very important projects for sale. Like Fisker Karma GT, Fisker Karma GTS wants to be one of the product brand names, targeted only for people looking for happiness.

The packing the same power-train as the source car, even though it is considered to be better, with many other improvements including, for some reason, the same values, the car appears, at least on paper, one that can be considered by potential buyers.

2021 Fisker Karma Interior

Inside, the interior is very attractive, like the previously, both seats were available in their own cocoon made by a large center console that separates them. The 2021 Karma Revero four seats, with two seats in the front and two outside, are separated by a center console running the length of a cabinet. Cargo capacity measures only 6.4 cubic meters. Included in this console are the infotainment screen, cup holders, and many controls.

2021 Fisker Karma GT Plugin Hybrid

2021 Fisker Karma GT Plugin Hybrid

The seamless extension from the console is a dashboard, with curved marks where there is a central air. In front of it are seated front seats. Selected interior interior GTS range from oak and elmwood exported to the U.S. To the skins of the Scottish highlands.

2021 Fisker Karma Engine

Enabling the 2021 Karma GTS is the same hybrid powertrain as in the smaller GT, which has only been improved. That means an internal combustion engine, paired with electric motors and batteries. The BMW-sourced three-cylinder turbo indoor fire engine that in itself has improved the undefined power output. Along with two electric motors, it emits a torque of 536 hp and 635 lb-ft.

Fisker Karma Revero GT 2021

Fisker Karma Revero GT 2021

Fisker Karma Justin

Fisker Karma Justin

This output allows a acceleration time of 3.9 seconds (up to 60 mph), which is better than 4.5 seconds on a typical GT. The full driving range of the car is estimated at 580 km (580 km), 80 of which (128 km) is possible with all electric mode. The whole trip can be found in one of three driving modes: Stealth, Sustain, and Sport.

2021 Fisker Karma Safety

Although Fikser Revero has not been tested by IIHS or NHTSA, it generally comes with many safety features that work with driving. A 360-degree camera system, blind monitoring, rear-wheel drive warning, front and rear parking sensors, front collision warning, and route warning are included in all 2021 Fisker Karma vehicles.

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