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The Acura RLX is manufactured by Honda full-size luxury sedan and is marketed under the Acura division, in 2013 for the model year 2014, the Acura RL sold successfully launched, the Acura RLX offers two versions, a base-model traction front with Acura Precision All-Wheel (P-AWS) management system to all four wheels and an upcoming hybrid version with Acura RLX SH-AWD, the steer equipped to serve as the flagship of Acura. The car with a driver of the blog October 2009 quoted a dinner with Acura executives who confirmed that the introduction of the new, larger, and in some ways, made stronger, fourth-generation Acura TL it difficult.

2016 Acura RLX Sport hybrid

2016 Acura RLX Sport hybrid

Acura RL power in the market now 4 April 2012 Acura RLX Concept unveiled a replacement for the RL sedan of the New York International Auto Show 2012. The Acura RLX was at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show presented and went on sale on March 15, 2013. The production of the Acura RL ended in the Saitama plant on 16 June 2012 to initiate change from the factory to the Acura RLX.

Acura RLX Interior

Inside, the 12-way standard (4-way lumbar) heated front seats, rear- seat space has improved significantly. Rear legroom is similar as a full-size luxury flagship sedan. An 8-inch screen, along with a 7-inch touchscreen are also standard. An optional badge 14 audio system loudspeakers Krell replaces used on the previous RL model Bose system. A mid-level 14-speaker Premium Studio ELS system with components from Panasonic is also optional. The Acura RLX ELS premium based system uses 10 speakers. Hybrid models include an electronic gear selector transmission, Head-Up Display, with acoustic glass for the doors and windshield, and the navigation is standard. The 14-speaker ELS Studio Premium is standard and optional Krell system.

Acura RLX Exterior

Use the Jewel Eye LED lights standard every five to separate LED light sources (4 Dipped beam 1 beam) with 10 polished lenses (8 low beams, 2 roads). The headlights no longer turn curves fog lamps which do not offer. The hood, front fenders, panels, and exterior doors are made of aluminum, the use of aluminum in the RLX saves a total of 79.1 pounds on steel components. The hybrid comes standard with LED fog lights.

Acura RLX Sport Hybrid

The Acura RLX Sports Hybrid was debuted at the 2013 Los Angeles International Auto Show. The total weight of the vehicle is up to 357 pounds, with weight distribution (front: back) improved from 61:39 to 57:43 non-hybrids on hybrid models. It is, as the Honda Legend offered in Japan.

Acura RLX Engine

A 3.5-liter direct-injection “Earth Dreams” and with VTEC V6 Variable Cylinder Management (VCM), along with a 6-speed automatic transmission fuel consumption by EPA of 20/31/24 mpg (city/highway estimated/combined) and the maximum output 310 hp. VCM fuel-saving system works either 6 or 3-cylinder arrangements, the new model uses sophisticated engine mounts avoiding the need for a 4-cylinder mode, which would result in a lower NVH.

The 2019 Acura RLX Hybrid models have the ability to VCM and added with a start-stop system to increase fuel economy even more. The hybrid also uses integrated with a 35 kW (47 hp) electric motor dual-clutch transmission 7-speed is powered by a 27 kW (36 hp) electric motor each rear wheel. This configuration results in a vector pair hybrid wheel drive system with rear wheels strictly on electric energy.

The 1.3 kWh battery pack 66 pounds of lithium-ion cells 72 is placed behind the rear seat. The total energy production has 377 horsepower and 377 pound-feet of torque. EPA estimated fuel economy improved at 28/32/30 mpg. A review of CARB LEV III emissions compared hybrids not given SULEV30 ranking ULEV-2.

Acura RLX Chassis

The front sub-frame is made of aluminum. The Acura RLX front suspension uses a double-wishbone design, while the rear is a multi-link with an All-Wheel Steer (AWS-P) system accuracy. ZF Sachs (IF) provides shock absorbers, 18-inch wheels are standard, equipped with 19-inches wheels are optional harmonic noise reduction design, similar to the previous facelift used 2011 Acura RL function. Adjusting the suspension is oriented more sporty side of comfort.

Acura RLX Safety

All Acura RLX models are equipped with a warning system collision forward and Lane Departure Warning. Pre-crash an automatic braking system ahead with front pre-tensioners electronics available, how do you keep control and adaptive cruise lane assist for Acura RLX.

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