2020 SEAT Ibiza

November 24th, 2019 | 0 Comments | SEAT

The 2020 SEAT Ibiza is one of our favorite superminis, with a sharp design, impressive engines, and fantastic handling. The SEAT Ibiza 2019 has been looking good since its launch, but the biggest refresh in 2015 improved its car and engine technology, increasing performance and operating costs. This update played a major role in keeping Ibiza competitive, it is important if its competitors are talented like Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa, Renault Clio and Peugeot 208, not to mention the Volkswagen Polo and Skoda Fabia, which share many parts with Ibiza.

As compared to its rivals from VW and Skoda, SEAT is a relatively new look for youth, especially if you want a three-door SC (Sport Coupe), which has a coupe-like line, which looks great but also robs Ibiza of some utility. In contrast, the Ibiza ST (Sports Tourer) is a roomy, laid-back setting.

2020 SEAT Ibiza Interior

The interior of the SEAT Ibiza is a tale of two halves. The driver and front passenger seats have plenty of room and comfortable seats, but things get a little heavier on the back, as adults begin to feel more comfortable on long journeys. The three-door model adds the illusion of access to the treacherous rear, so we wouldn’t really recommend it to regular passengers. On the plus side, the driving position of all Ibizas is excellent. The driver’s seat is adjustable to the height and the steering wheel can be moved up and down or near and from you, so most drivers should be comfortable. Another potential disappointment is the limited rear sight, and the diesel engines can be seen with the sound coming from inside the cupboard, too.

2020 Seat Ibiza FR

2020 Seat Ibiza FR

Almost all interior is finished with high quality, if slightly blurred, plastic like the one you will find on other Volkswagen Group cars. The dashboard is reasonably well placed and the bright, clear dial is a highlight. Get behind the wheel of the SEAT and its connection with the Volkswagen Polo is clear. Everywhere you look at quality plastics are on display and everything feels solid. Cook around and you’ll find some of the lesser-known areas on the Polo border, but the differences are not overlooked and most people will opt for a dashboard-focused SEAT look.

2020 SEAT Ibiza Engine

In the small supermini, there are plenty of engines available, from a petrol-powered 1.0-liter three-cylinder gasoline and a SEAT Mii city car with 74bhp, or a turbocharger boost of up to 93 or 109bhp and making it more efficient process. Ironically, there is also 1.5-liter petrol with 89 or 109bhp, while the 1.4 liter offers an impressive 148bhp. There’s 1.8-liter petrol with 189bhp in the flagship Cupra hot hatchback too, which boasts of the same performance of the VW Polo GTI. Diesel options are no different, the 1.4 liter one offers 74 or 103bhp, with fuel economy of up to 78.5mpg and CO2 emissions of just 93g / km.

Seat Ibiza 2020 Interior

Seat Ibiza 2020 Interior

Nuevo Seat Ibiza 2020

Nuevo Seat Ibiza 2020

The 1.4 liter TDI diesel engine on the FR trim offers good power and fuel economy, delivering 0-62mph in 9.9 seconds but also manages 72.4mpg and costs no tax when registered before April 2017. The same engine at SE spec decreases but more economically: 78.5mpg and zero tax under the current system.

2020 SEAT Ibiza Safety

Security is another strong selling point, with the Euro NCAP independent crash test body giving Ibiza five stars. Ibiza did not appear in our Driver Power customer satisfaction survey, but the SEAT model came in 18th place out of 32 manufacturers, ahead of Volkswagen on the 24th, but far behind Skoda in third. The owners of SEAT have praised performance and handling and low operating costs but criticized for the 2020 SEAT Ibiza luxury and quality build.


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