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The McLaren Automotive is known as the Formula 1 constructor, the second oldest active team, and the second most successful Formula 1 team after Ferrari. Bruce McLaren has always intended to create a legitimate sports car on the street, and he created the McLaren GT, a coupe version of his M6B Can-Am. But after McLaren died in a test crash in 1970, the only signs of a street project appeared with the 1981 Ford Mustang McLaren M81, a partnership between Ford’s SVO group and the U.S-based McLaren Engines.

McLaren Automotive logo

McLaren Automotive logo

McLaren CEO Ron Dennis commissioned designer Gordon Murray to create a mid-engined supercar to take advantage of his passion for cars like the Porsche 959 and Ferrari F40 in the late 1980s, but production delays The car was not produced worldwide until 1992. the recession led to the collapse of the supercar market. To stimulate sales, a racing version of the BMW was developed, and in 1995 it won the 24-hour Le Manda.

When economic conditions recovered in the late 1990s, McLaren’s racing engines for the Formula 1 racing program were commissioned by the Mercedes-Benz racing team to build another supercar, the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. Work began in 1999, the first car was released in 2003 and the last car was produced in 2010. Although more than 2,000 models of the car have been created, there has been a creative disagreement between German and British companies. Mercedes-Benz wanted to pay homage to the front engine of its legendary 1950s SLR sports racing car, while McLaren wanted a pure-generation mid-engined car with F1 technology. There was no result and the car did not have significant success.

The amazing experience led to the introduction of the McLaren MP4-12C in September 2009, and McLaren Automotive led to the creation of McLaren Automotive, which has its own manufacturing plant outside London (UK). The production version of the MP4-12C with a carbon fiber chassis and two turbocharged V8 engines will go on sale in 2011.