2021 Isuzu MUX

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The 2021 Isuzu MUX or 2021 Isuzu MU-X is a mid-size SUV, followed by Isuzu MU-7 with a body with seven seats in the frame. The Isuzu Isuzu MUX isn D-Max based, is a partnership between General Motors and Isuzu and is affiliated with the Chevrolet TrailBlazer or Holden Colorado. Isuzu MU-X has only been sold in Thailand, Australia, Paraguay, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, China and India. Isuzu Motors has plans to market it overseas in 50 countries.

The Isuzu 2021 MUX is designed to get attention and is always impressive with its beautiful appearance and modern style.  To complement the modern exterior, the MU-X 7 seats feature a range of practical and practical building materials. Common to all models, daytime running LEDs and Bi-LED project lights, with automatic measurement functionality, help you stand out on the road day and night.

2021 Isuzu MUX Australia

2021 Isuzu MUX Australia

The 18 “stylish alloy wheels in the stylish LS-U & LS-T are a great design, but also hard-built in all areas. LS-U & LS-T incorporates 18” alloys and 16 niche alloys in LS‑ The designers of the Isuzu were inspired by Japanese culture and incorporated the beautiful curve of Katana, the traditional Japanese sword, on the flowing line of the Isuzu MU-X door.

2021 Isuzu MUX Interior

Like the exterior, the 2021 MUX interior also has a wide and well-thought-out interior. 2021 Isuzu MU-X is designed for great driver and passenger comfort, on and off the road. No matter where you go, the MU-X has all the fun and technology features to keep everyone in the family happy. The MU-X makes it easy to keep everything in its place, but stays close, with plenty of cup holders and storage areas, including two glove boxes and a center console bin.

Isuzu MUX Interior

Isuzu MUX Interior



An easy-to-use and comfortable steering wheel puts sound and motion controls in your hands, so all you have to do is focus on the front road. Control side windows with a simple touch of a button from the driver’s seat. Features include a single touch up / down on the driver’s side and jam protection. Entertainment is easily available via SatNav, Bluetooth®, audio streaming iPod®, and USB, as well as CD, MP3 and AM / FM radio.

2021 Isuzu MUX Engine

The MU-X is available in three levels, namely: Base, Standard and High. CDs and DVD-trim level are available with a 2.5 liter engine. These particles are called 2.5 VGS CD and 2.5 VGS DVD respectively. when fitted with a 5-speed automatic. The standard DVD Navi trim is also available with both 2.5- and 3.0 liter engines, with a 2.5 L engine, a 2.5 VGS DVD Navi, a 3.0 L engine with automatic transmission, bet as a 3.0 VGS DVD Navi. The 2021 Isuzu MUX 4X4 is only available in standard 3.0 VGS DVD Navi trim. The MU-X engraved on the face, went live on March 4, 2017 ahead of the Bangkok International Motor Show. These facial improvements include pre-integrated LED headlights and tail lights, improved interior quality with a softer material, two-tone interior, improved NVH. The engines remained the same as the outgoing model.

2021 Isuzu MUX Safety

2021 Isuzu MUX is fitted with the latest in functional and non-functional safety features, and every model comes with the ANCAP’s 5-star maximum safety rating. The Isuzu MU-X is packed with built-in safety features that keep you and your passengers safe by helping to avoid accidents. The Isuzu MUX gives you eyes for the back of your head with a flexible camera. Ideal for tricky parking situations, hitting a trailer or down the road. Smart protection, like the third hand on the steering wheel, keeps you safe. In emergencies, even the most experienced drivers can panic when applying on 2021 Isuzu MUX brakes.

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