2021 Suzuki Across

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The 2021 Suzuki Across is a confident and capable, compatible with the standard E-Four four-wheel drive, which means original 4×4 performance SUV. The Suzuki Across 2021 model was introduced to help Suzuki meet its average CO2 emissions in the European Union in 2021, as Across offers low CO2 emissions of 22 g/km. The styling is familiar, with a few tweaks to the Suzuki, so the “stunning” wheelbase stays on, as well as the front bumper with the sport’s large open grille and bottom silver trim.

Key features include dual-light projector LED headlights and LED daytime running lights. As standard, the 19-inch alloy wheels also have a glossy black finish and a distinctive polished face. The powerful hatchback showcases a cargo tank that offers a carrying capacity of 490 liters. Due to the size of the battery, this figure is 90 liters less than the Toyota RAV4 hybrid , but it still has a respectable size and reasonable shape. It has a flat floor and the space is increased to 1198 liters when the rear seats are folded.

2021 Suzuki Across Interior

There are some beautiful designs: soft-touch plastics decorate recognizable surfaces, and twist controls for climate control look smart and are easy to operate. The leather seats are attractive and have contrasting seams for a high-end look. The nine-inch display with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto installed on the dashboard makes it easy to check the route at a glance. Across, which does not have such trim levels, has a number of robust kits, including heated leather seats and heated steering wheel, LED headlights, flexible cruise control, 19-inch alloy wheels, and many safety features.

2021 Suzuki Across PHEV SUV

2021 Suzuki Across PHEV SUV

With a practical built-in and large-capacity boot, it will become a family-friendly plug-in hybrid, and the RAV4 has been growing in recent years, which is good news for buyers who want a lot of space in the next family car. The doors open nicely and wide, making it easy to enter and exit, as well as the doors, dashboard, and many storage cubes in the center console.

Suzuki Across 2021 Engine

2021 Suzuki Across come with the engine capacity is 2.0-liter petrol and 2.5-liter hybrid. The 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine has two functions, it provides an extra punch when you put your foot down, as well as acting as a battery charger while making things easier. The E-Four electronic 4 × 4 system ensures true 4 × 4 performance of Across and increases fuel efficiency. It has an independent 40 kW rear engine that works in conjunction with the front engine to provide front and rear variation of torque from 100:00 to 20:80. Advantages of this system include increased stability during flight on slippery surfaces such as snow-covered roads and reliable performance when turning on different roads.

Suzuki 2021 Across Safety

Suzuki Across is based on a model that has already been proven to be reliable and dependable. Testers noted “dangerous behavior” in the path of the cone, and because the electronic stability control was “too late,” both vehicles jumped on the outer wheels during the test. Most of the security features should mean that Across will have a five-star Euro NCAP security rating like the RAV4. Significant events include autonomous emergency braking, radar and camera-based adaptive cruise control, and direction of movement.

Suzuki Across 2021 Interior

Suzuki Across 2021 Interior

Suzuki Across 2021 Precio Colombia

Suzuki Across 2021 Precio Colombia

The E-Four’s four-wheel drive system also has a “Trail Mode” that presses the brakes to separate wheels if the wheel gets stuck, which helps the Across maintain speed in slippery or loose areas. Some of the important safety features include auxiliary functions for vehicles such as pre-collision system, directional assistance and radar cruise control.

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