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Infiniti is the luxury vehicle division of Japanese automakers, Nissan. The Infiniti started selling vehicles, November 8, 1989, in North America. Network Marketing for the Infiniti brand vehicles now includes more than 230 dealers in more than 15 countries. The Infiniti brand officially con sus native Japan introduced in 2013, the first Japanese market vehicle Infiniti hybrid drive version of the Infiniti Q50 goes on sale in 2014. With petrol versions Q50 maintaining the historical name Nissan Skyline. However, this does not mark the first introduction of the Infiniti brand in Japan, the Q45 sold with the original as the Nissan Infiniti Q45 in Japan from 1989 until November 1996.

Infiniti models have direct equivalents in the Japanese domestic market Nissan lineup. The Infiniti G sedan and the Nissan Skyline Coupe and the Nissan Primera Previously Infiniti M than Nissan Fuga and Prior Nissan Leopard, Infiniti EX crossover like the Nissan Skyline and Infiniti Q45 as Nissan Cima. Nissan Infiniti FX has not sold any correspondence and in Japan. Goods skyline and Cima luxury vehicles in Japan in earlier forms and were originally exclusive to the Japanese Nissan dealer network called Nissan Prince business, then later as Nissan Red Stage Until the Japanese dealer network expanded.

Infiniti Logo

Infiniti Logo

2020 Infiniti SUV

2020 Infiniti SUV

In 2012, global Infiniti STI moved the headquarters of the construction company, Nissan, in Yokohama and in Hong Kong as Infiniti Global Limited wants, with Carlos Ghosn for Infiniti to a greater focus on the luxury market in full expansion have on the Chinese mainland as it should be the country’s largest luxury car market. Johan de Nysschen 2012 was appointed Head of Division Infiniti Nysschen from the company from August 2014 Become the general manager of Cadillac. Tasks of the Infiniti President Andy Palmer accepted by Nysschen. Roland Kruger President of Nissan Infiniti, after the president of the brand, Andy Palmer, resigned to join Aston Martin in September 2014.

Infiniti Brand Repositioning

As of 2011, it represents 60% of turnover, the G-series. This was on their SUVs who were determined intended for smaller niche, a missed opportunity that SUVs are very popular in the US market, considered due. In contrast, it offers archrival Lexus SUV half of the sales volume. In 2011, the Infiniti sales fell, while the other luxury import cars were good. In addition, the performance is Infiniti’s value on convenience resulted in his crossover SUV and worse for women compared to Acura and Lexus offers.

Infiniti Models

The model name of the former included a letter to Infiniti coupes and sedans and a shift of reflective number engine. For example, the QX56 SUV was an engine of 5.6 L. An exception is a pre-QX4 SUV, which featured a 3.3L engine (1997-2000) and later a 3.5-liter engine L (2001-2003). An “X” after the sedan Infiniti displacement noted a pattern of all-wheel drive (eg Infiniti G35x), noted “s” a sports package, “h”, remarked a hybrid model, “d”, noticed a diesel model and ” T “for a touring model.

2020 Infiniti qx30

2020 Infiniti qx30

In 2013, the Infiniti model designation for coupes and sedans changed starting with the letter Q, SUVs, and crossovers with the letters QX and a number that reflects the position of the model number of the brand. For example, the M sedan was the Q70 sedan, while G has been replaced by the Q50; In the meantime, the QX56 QX80 was while the EX was QX50.

Infiniti Current Models

Most Infiniti coupes, sedans, and crossover on the Nissan FM platform. The engine is placed behind the center front wheels. The exceptions are the Infinity QX80 full-size SUV, that rides on Nissan F-Alpha platform and the QX60 Crossing the rides on the Nissan D platform. The Infinity current production models include Infiniti Q40, Infiniti Q50, Infiniti Q60, Infiniti Q70, Infiniti QX50, Infiniti QX60, Infiniti QX70, and Infiniti QX80

Infiniti Motorsports

Infiniti Indy car next to a Q45 production test in Jerez Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull Racing Infiniti. In 1996, Nissan launched an effort to compete in the Indy Racing League with the Infiniti brand. The chosen for the IndyCar engine was a variant of the VH-Engine uses Q45s. The IRL program was quietly wrapped after the 2002 season, after just a couple of victories. It was expected that the Renault engine of the Red Bull Racing F1 2011 challenger to rename an Infiniti engine, but not to renew the sponsorship agreement rebranding to the motor. You become the title sponsor of Red Bull in 2013, and Dietrich Mateschitz has clearly left the door open for a brand engine in the future. In 2011, Infiniti has Formula 1 world champion, Sebastian Vettel, as the first ambassador of his global signed.

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