2023 Citroen C4

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The 2023 Citroen C4 is a compact car manufactured by Citroën. The Citroen C4 is a stylish, modern-style comfortable family hatchback. The Citroen C4 2023 model is partly a hatchback, partly a crossover, offering fun style, plenty of kits,s and a comfortable drive. The Citroen C4 family hatchback was reinvented, replacing its unforgettable look and vague look with a modern SUV style that included a dramatic sloping roofline and some intricate details. The Citroen C4 was supposed to stand out in a class that includes heavy-hitters like the Ford Focus, SEAT Leon, and Volkswagen Golf, and it does.

The 2023 C4 is based on the Peugeot 2008 and Citroen C3 Aircross, but this time they have been expanded to give the dimensions of the Citroen C4 family cars. The car is also available in petrol, diesel, and electric model, and for the first time has a zero-emission version with the Citroen e-C4 logo. The equipment level is also very generous, even the entry-level Sense has 18-inch alloys, rear stop sensors, two-zone climate control, and a 10-inch touch screen. The Sense Plus adds a head screen, alarm, and reversing camera, while the Shine Plus is equipped with luxury items such as high-end leather upholstery, heated seats, and an enhanced sound system.

The trunk capacity of the C4 is 380 liters, which is fully compatible with the Volkswagen Golf. Folding the rear seats frees up 1,250 liters of space, which makes the C4 fit the Golf again, despite the roofline. But the really impressive side is that this figure hasn’t changed even in the electric e-C4 version. Typically, the addition of a large battery will see the cabin space contract. The Citroen can also be adjusted to be raised to give preference to flat and level boot space or to be lowered directly to accommodate space or higher objects. The 99-horsepower base petrol pulls a braked trailer up to 1,000kg, each other engine can handle a load of more than 200kg, while the electric e-C4 is not suitable for traction at all.

2023 Citroen C4 : Interior

Inside, even the cheaper plastics are textured to give them a more attractive look, and the piano has a lot of black touches. It also won the mindset, as the Citroen models, which have built-in heaters embedded in the infotainment system, make it easy to use the new rotary knobs for climate control. All the decorations come with a cluster of small digital instruments wrapped in a lot of black plastic. The display looks a bit small and embedded in the dashboard, which seems to be reserved for the main technical vehicle – and we wonder if a traditional analog dial set is cheaper and easier to use. The interior of our Sense test car was also quite boring, and as with previous Citroen models, there seemed to be no way to illuminate the cabin with color packs.

Citroen C4 Interior

Citroen C4 Interior

Citroen C4 Hatchback

Citroen C4 Hatchback

Trim levels are called Sense, Sense Plus, Shine, and Shine Plus. Even the entry-level Sense has a competitive package with LED headlights, 18-inch alloy wheels, two-zone climate control, rear stop sensors, and a 10-inch touch screen. The Sense Plus adds the main display, rearview camera, and collapsible door windows. Shine trim adds features such as front stop sensors, rear-view mirrors and custom LED headlights. The Shine Plus is more luxurious than you might expect from a Citroen family hatch, with leather heated seats, a wireless charging panel, and a high-quality sound system.

2023 Citroen C4 : Engine

Citroen C4 comes with a lot of engine choices, in addition to the electric-powered e-C4 model, there are three petrol and two diesel models. The 1.2-liter three-cylinder PureTech petrol model has 100 horsepower, 130 horsepower, and 155 horsepower, while the diesel has a 1.5-liter four-cylinder with 110 horsepower or 130 horsepower. 100-horsepower gasoline and 110-horsepower diesel are manual, while 155-horsepower gasoline and 130-horsepower diesel are automatic. On the 130-horsepower petrol, you can choose the gearbox you want. Even the base petrol offers adequate speed, but the 130-horsepower version will be our choice. It’s also economical, making diesel a bit redundant if you don’t spend half your life on highways.

2023 Citroen C4 : Safety

The Citroen prides itself on providing the C4 with 20 driving units, which is equal to the number on the larger and more expensive Citroen C5 Aircross SUV. In addition to safety features such as autonomous emergency braking, they can also include the Highway Driver Assist, which combines flexible cruise control and lane storage technology to control the car on its own while the driver is ready to keep his hands on the wheel. The Citroen C4 also assesses how the car is being driven to check the driver’s alertness and suggests a break if they are driving in a certain way or spending more than two hours at a speed of more than 43 miles per hour. Cameras and sensors can detect road signs on the instrument display, monitor the car’s blind spots, and allow the headlights to automatically switch between the main and short beams. Despite all these features, the Citroen C4 received a four-star score in the Euro NCAP tests and missed a high result.