2022 Renault Koleos

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The 2022 Renault Koleos is a Renault compact crossover SUV that was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show as a concept car. The design of the Renault Koleos body was based on the Renault Koleos and Renault Egeus concept cars. Competitors from Koleos, such as the Citroën C-Crosser and Peugeot 4007, were also introduced before launch. One of the first obstacles 2022 Koleos faces is the only five-person configuration.

The rear passenger compartment, which can show the Skoda twice, is enough, while Renault is strengthening its arm by adding luxury to its space, offering a good level of standard equipment. Styling is similar to the Renault Megane, not surprising. On the front of the Koleos, there are large “S” -shaped daytime running lights that define the “face,” while the Signature Nav’s high-end models get high-tech LED headlights. The chrome details run along the front wing and into the front doors, the side window wrap and door handles are similarly chrome-plated. All of this will have an impressive look from any angle, and it will ride on 18 or 19-inch alloy wheels, depending on the model.

2022 Renault Koleos Precio

2022 Renault Koleos Precio

Renault 2022 Koleos is a step forward as a brand. Some see the lack of a seven-seater option as a problem, but Renault’s decision to switch to a five-seater format makes the space for luggage and passengers very impressive. Passenger comfort is one of the best in the segment, to which the French company significantly improves the interior environment.

2022 Renault Koleos : Interior

Around the cabin are materials that are visible and feel good in Renault’s latest models. The control panel is very steep with handles on both sides of the center console, the cut-out panels along the side grille of the passengers are reflected in the door panels, and there is also a healthy amount of cross-stitching and leather. The deep cabin of the door and the seven-liter cube under the center seat provide plenty of space, and Renault only estimates that there is a total of 35 liters of extra space in the cabin. The rear of the rear seat has a volume of 579 liters that folds in 60/40 sections. The load height of the shoe is a bit higher, but it has a flat floor, so there is no lip to get bulky items.

2022 Renault Kadjar Interior

2022 Renault Kadjar Interior

2022 Renault Zoe

2022 Renault Zoe

The seat for the rear passengers is one of the Renault trump cards, which also has a head and legs, which are one of the best in the segment. The two outdoor seats have ISOFIX points and are as comfortable as the front chairs. Even the middle rear seat is not limited to a small transmission tunnel. Another good thing for the backs is the two USB charging ports and the 12-volt power outlet, so there should be no fuss about who charges their device.  The kit also includes heated steering wheel and windshields, which make driving more comfortable in the winter.

2022 Renault Koleos : Engine

The simple two-tier specification is distinguished by generous standard equipment, and this is a cheaper Dynamique S Nav model that looks like a better option for the money. Similarly, the 1.6-liter engine provides the best overall package, compared to the 2.0-liter engine. The base models are equipped with a 1.6-liter turbo engine with the same 128 horsepower, which is available in several other cars in this range. Equipped with a six-speed manual, which only controls the front wheels, and the gear shift is positive and robust. With a torque of 236 lb feet, it has a low-pitched sound to get faster than the official speed, which shows speeds of up to 62 km / h. The repair isn’t great, but it’s acceptable, but there’s very little engine noise on the cruise.

2022 Renault Koleos : Safety

All Koleos models are equipped with airbags, Emergency Braking System (AEBS), blind and off-line warning, hill start assist and speed sign detection system. The 2022 Renault Koleos models receivers have front and rear stop sensors and a good reverse camera.

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