2020 Pontiac GTO

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The 2020 Pontiac GTO is a car manufactured by American American automobile Pontiac from 1964 to 1974 model and is GM’s subsidiary Holden in Australia from 2004 to 2006 model. The Pontiac GTO 2020 may have been the first muscle of the muscle, but that separation was not sufficient to ensure the inevitable flow of production. After all, the 2020 GTO has used two lives. Originally produced from 1964 to 74, the Pontiac GTO was resurrected in 2004 after 30 years of hiatus. There was nobody style changed at this time, but the car was a two-way drive, after holden’s cooperation with the General Motors’ Australia division.

The biggest advantage of this Pontiac series was the very high speed and the very favorable power to weight ratio, the biggest disadvantage of its low maneuverability and the poor braking behavior of the rear wheels, which easily lost the ground contact.

2020 Pontiac GTO Judge

2020 Pontiac GTO Judge

Already the first Pontiac GTO version possessed the largest engine, which could be used Pontiac at that time in a vehicle of the middle class: a V8 engine with 6,379cc. The body line followed from 1966 the so-called Coke Bottle Design.

2020 Pontiac GTO Design

The new 202 GTO is a straightforward-wise style, but in line with the muscle values, it brought a serious under-hood heat. Customers’ preferences during production due to internal clothing and anonymous styling, today’s GTO, are now a functional instrument for a car-used market.

Pontiac GTO Engine

The start of GTO power from V7 5.7 liter, but Pontiac pulled up to V.0 6.0-liter higher the following year. The main engine took the Pontiac 2020 GTO a cool 400 horse place, but between 2 + 2 high and non-peak paintings, Pontiac could not sell enough for them. As a result, the Pontiac GTO was discontinued after the year 2006.

2020 Pontiac GTO Concept

2020 Pontiac GTO Concept

However, when it came to accelerating, there was no denying the newly born GTO status as a complete muscle car. With a built-in LS1 V8 with 350 hp and 365 pound-foot torque, 2004 models can reach up to 60 mph in 5.5 seconds and run 14-mile (14 km) flat – quicker than any real GTO 2020 model. The most remarkable was 2005 ’06, with 6.0-liter V8, Rated by hp 400 and 400 lb-ft torque, the 2020 Pontiac GTO model has been blocked for more than half the second time of the quarter.