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The Lotus Cars is a British car-builder of sports and racing cars, famous for its spirit cars, Elan, Europa and Elise Sport and for the hugely lucrative Team Lotus in Formula One. Lotus Cars are on the site of the former RAF Hethel based on an airfield in the Second World War, in Norfolk. The company designs and builds racing cars and light production and fine handling characteristics. It also has the engineering company Lotus Engineering, the facilities in the USA, UK, Malaysia, and China.

Lotus History

The company was as Lotus Engineering Ltd. by engineers Colin Chapman and Colin Dare, graduates of University College London in 1952. The four letters in the center of the logo stand for the initials of the founder, Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman. The first factory was established in the former arsenal abaft the Railway Hotel in Hornsey, North London. The Lotus Team, which was split from Lotus Engineering in 1954, was active and competitive Formula One from 1958 to 1994.

Lotus Group of Companies was established in 1959, was from Lotus Cars Limited and Lotus Components Limited, on-road cars and production are customer-driven racing cars. Lotus Components Limited Lotus Racing Limited has in 1971, but the newly renamed unit into operation in the same year. The company moved into a purpose-built factory in Cheshunt in 1959 and since 1966, the company held a plant of the factory and modern test drive at Hethel, near Wymondham. This site is the former RAF Hethel test track and use parts of the old route.

2020 Lotus SUV

2020 Lotus SUV

After the delicate but delicate Lotus Elite 1950 Lotus has analytical and commercial success in the 1960s with the 2-seater Lotus Elan found later developed 2 plus 2 format. Lotus has been through the usage of fiberglass body backbone chassis and Twin Cam engines that mark originally supplied by Coventry Climax but ensuing with Lotus-Ford units. Lotus has been working with Ford on the Lotus Cortina, the success of a sports sedan.

Lotus Logo

Lotus Logo

Lotus Hypercar

Lotus Hypercar

Until the mid-1970s Lotus sought to move upmarket with the launch of Elite and Eclat models, four seats for wealthy buyers, with amenities such as air conditioning and automatic transmission optional. The mid-engine sat down with the Lotus Esprit, which was proving to be one of the longest-running and most emblematic models of the company. Lotus has its own set of four-cylinder DOHC engine, the Lotus 900 series and later developed V8 and turbocharged engine versions appeared in the spirit.

Lotus Operations

Currently organized as Group Lotus plc, the company is divided into Lotus Cars and Lotus Engineering. And the production of sports cars is that society as an engineering company that provides development including the moratorium of engineering to other automakers. Lotus powertrain department is found for the design and engine development Ecotec 4-cylinder in many Vauxhall, Opel, Saab, Chevrolet and GM Saturn cars responsible. The Elise and Exige models used the US Lotus 1.8L I4 VVTL-i from the end Celica GT-S and Toyota Matrix XRS is more available. The new Exige V6 has the same as the Evora and is not in the United States right vehicle for the road. Michael Kimberley, who had been a lighthouse in the Lotus in the 1970s, came back and took over as interim CEO of the Company and its affiliates from May 2006. He was chairman of the Executive Committee of Lotus Group International Limited (“LGThere”) in February 2006. LGThere is Syed Zainal Abidin with (CEO of Proton Holdings Berhad) and Badrul Feisal, the holding company of Group Lotus Plc.

Lotus Engineering

Lotus Engineering Limited is an offshoot of Lotus Cars, the engineering advisory primarily in the automotive industry provides to other companies. How Hethel in the UK Lotus has engineering centers in Ann Arbor, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Shanghai, USA,  and China. In 2000, Lotus Engineering, Inc. was founded with headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Lotus Electric Vehicles

Lotus Engineering has created a group dedicated to hybrid and electric vehicles. Lotus plans to the electric vehicle race CEO Michael Kimberley told the Financial Times put “Do not be surprised, an electric Lotus look alike are not,” he said, adding that a concept version was already set to debut in March 2009, at the Geneva Motor Show. Lotus is now front and center of the electric car arena.

Lotus did not reveal any details about the car or the engine but says he will go for 300 to 400 miles (483-644 km) and it is really the world’s expectations of one of the best cars to live Electric. Lotus joined Jaguar Cars Ltd, MIRA and Caparo financed on a luxury hybrid sedan Executive Project “Limo-Green” by the Technology Strategy Board of the British government. The vehicle is a plug-in hybrid series.

Tesla Motors, a likely rival for Lotus when plans go, also turned to contractors for parts of the electric Roadster. However, Tesla bought the framework for its 2,500 Roadsters Lotus, because the heavyweight of the batteries in an EV and Lotus knew lightweight and crisp handling characteristics. While only 10% of the parts of the Tesla Roadster are were shared with the Lotus Elise, Lotus has been responsible for about 40% of the total content of the car.

Lotus Queens Award for Enterprise

Lotus Cars of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise was awarded for his participation in international trade, one of the 85 companies, the appreciation in this category in 2002. The Lotus cars wore the badge of the wages for a number of years.