2019 Acura RLX

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2019 Acura RLX is Sport Sedan, available as Sport Hybrid SH-AWD 4dr Sedan AWD. Acura RLX 2019 comes with a full wheel drive, include an automatic 7-manuscript. Acura RLX 2019 is quiet and comfortable and offers an amazing mix of power and gasoline economy from the Sports Hybrid version. The sports hybrid is very good. All-wheel drive and each back wheel are driven independently by an electric motor; An automotive vehicle for transferring a V6 site to drive the front wheels, this program shows the number of 377 horses and returns the EPA-28 mpg estimates combined. The 2019 TLX Sports hybrid is smooth and it does not seem to be driving in the city, and it provides good management when driving on the opposite streets.

2019 Acura RLX Interior

The inside of the 2019 RLX is very beautiful as described as a fun work; there is not much to go up. The infotainment maximum display has a smaller solution than the touch screen below, and the controls look and no accurate flow. Double-screen setup takes effect: The other is a touchscreen, the other uses the chosen push-knob selected. The menus are too accurate, and the lack of rapid change in driver’s speed is a bad decision. Last thought needs to enter the organization.

All doors are very open with the large income, especially in the back. A fast-moving wheel-entry helps drive the driver, but the date decreases in the galaxy, the restricted space. On the other hand, it is removed if you contact him. Driving and telescoping wheels, very flexible seats, and a small certainty side of the clock will likely ensure that all sorts of body parts will fit. RLX is the largest of Acura sedan so far. The elbow and the shoulder chamber and the backyard are also kind in the middle of the classroom. Long-distance passengers may be affected by the slope of the back roof, although relaxation on the roof opens a lost headroom.

Citizens of airbag companies make small blind blinds in the front, and the trunk high slowly detects the appearance of the backdrop. The Advance Package, however, includes many cameras and angles for viewing the most advanced public awareness. Skin removal is difficult and clean, and all things hear about the quality of the affected areas everywhere. Some minor inequalities, such as interior doors, are only visible when you look. The design may be temporary, but it does not feel cheaper.

2019 Acura RLX Feature

Standard P-AWS trim machines include 19-inch alloy wheels, LED light lamps and tables, sunshine, automatic wipers, back camera, and flawless inserts with push-button start. Inside you will get automatic weather control, hot and suitable seats, skin height, power speeds, double-screen infotainment system, motion, Bluetooth, and 14 speakers audio system CD player, HD and satellite, USB-iPod interface, integration of the smartphone app, and audio jack.

2019 Acura RLX Sport

2019 Acura RLX Sport

The sports hybrid also contains LED content, Auto-dimming showers, and power-folding shows, front and back parking and fence, remote start, and camera view system. Inside, Sports Hybrid receives front air chairs, warm back seats, hot wheels, sunshine and back-door display in water, head sign, and premium stereo system.

2019 Acura RLX Engine

The base 2019 RLX is equipped with 3.5-liter V6 engines that make up 310 horsepower and 272 pounds-foot torque. Sends power to the front wheels with a new speed of 10-speed transmission. Obviously, the greatest development is the hybrid drivetrain. The V6 car moves in front rats through seven quick moving, both electrically built-in caps, and each back wheel has an independent frame. Total 377 horsepower system and 341 pounds-foot torque.

The 310-horsepower 3.5-liter V6 is a solid, cleaner and better engine when combined with three electrical cables, 377 hp combined. Both RLX types are very difficult to repair and keep smooth, although speed times are not faster than many competitors. Operation of a bit brake less than a fractional rate. The RLX requires 120 meters, and Sports Hybrid 124 meters, to reach a stop from 60 mph. The pedal feels unique and predicted.

2019 Acura RLX Safety

The highway safety insurance institute gives the 2018 RLX top scores in five test tests. For its front accident prevention equipment, the RLX earns the highest score of Superior. The RLX also achieved the second highest score of Acceptable for headlight performance. The RLX receives perfect scores from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which earns the organization’s five-star overall safety rating.

The RLX comes standard with a multiview camera, adaptive cruise control, Traffic Jam Assist, Lane Departure, Lane Maintenance, Forward Crash Warning, Automatic Emergency Brake, Rain-Sensing Windshield Wipers, and Blind Spot Monitoring. Front and rear parking sensors, a head-up display, and a surround-view camera are also available with 2019 Acura RLX Hybrid.

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