2016 Toyota Prius v

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2016 Toyota Prius v is developed by Toyota as trim model of 2016 Toyota Prius. Prius is a Latin word meaning “before”. According to Toyota, the name was chosen because the Prius was launched before environmental perception became a mainstream social issue.

In February 2011, Toyota urged the public to decide what the correct plural of Prius, and include Prien, Prii, Prium, Prius, Priuses. The company said it would “use the most popular choice in the marketing of its” and announced on February 20 that “Prii” was the most popular answer, and the official appointment of a new measure.

Since September 2011, Toyota USA began using the following names to separate the original Prius from some of the new members of the Prius family: the standard Prius Prius Liftback, the Prius v (known as α Prius in Japan, and the Prius + in Europe), the Prius Plug-in Hybrid , and c Prius (called the Toyota Aqua in Japan).

In 1995, Toyota entered the hybrid concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show, and the assessment of the following year. The first Prius, the model NHW10, went on sale on December 10, 1997. It was available only in Japan, although it has been imported privately to at least the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

The 1st generation of Toyota Prius, when launched, was the first mass-produced gasoline-electric hybrid car in the world. At its introduction in 1997, it won Car of the Year Japan Award, and in 1998, won the Automotive investigator and Journalists’ Conference Car of the Year award in Japan.

2016 Toyota Prius v Specs

Model Type: Mid-size car
Ratting: 7.4/10 The Car Connection | 8.2/10 U.S. News Best Cars | 7.3/10 Kelley Blue Book
MSRP: From $26,675
MPG: 44 city / 40 highway
Horsepower: 134 HP
Engine: 1.8L 4-cylinder
Battery: 202 V nickel-metal hydride
Fuel tank capacity: 11.9 gal

2016 Toyota Prius v Configurations

Two $26,675
Three $28,060
Four $29,695
Five $30,935

2016 Toyota Prius V AWD Model

2016 Toyota Prius V AWD Model