2020 Kia Telluride

June 21st, 2020 | Comments Closed | Kia

The 2020 Kia Telluride is a new three-line SUV, now Kia’s biggest car. The 2020 Kia Telluride is a mid-size SUV that seats seven or eight passengers. Under the hood is a V8-liter V6 painted with 8-speed automation. Front-wheel drive is standard, and all-wheel drive is available as an option. There are four trim levels: LX, S, EX, and SX. 

2020 Nissan GTR

June 19th, 2020 | Comments Closed | Nissan

The 2020 Nissan GTR is a 2-2 seater car used by Nissan since 2007. 2020 Nissan GT-R is a Nissan Skyline GT-R follower although not part of the Skyline range itself, the name is awarded to the R35 Series and since then leaving its runs roots. The first concept was shown at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2001, previewing how the GT-R of the 21st century would look.

2020 Jeep Wrangler

June 18th, 2020 | Comments Closed | Jeep

The 2020 Jeep Wrangler is a truck-based SUV available in two body styles: two-door and four-door Unlimited. Jeep 2020 Wrangler Sold for three basic levels of value: Wrangler Sports, WranglerSahara, and 2020 Wrangler Rubicon. Wrangler Sport has a basic set of features that provide a great place to get started, but many savvy buyers will want the features offered by its sublevels or Wrangler Sahara.

2020 Jaguar F-Pace

June 13th, 2020 | Comments Closed | Jaguar

The 2020 Jaguar F-Pace sticks to its performance and style formula and remains one of the best SUVs. The Jaguar F-Pace 2020 comes with seven levels of riding with four different engines. 2020 F-Pace offers a unique combination of sport and utility.

2020 Isuzu Mux

June 5th, 2020 | Comments Closed | Isuzu

The 2020 Isuzu MUX will replace the MU-7 SUV and will compete in the full-size SUV space. The upcoming Isuzu Mux 2020 model will compete with the likes of Toyota Fortuner, Ford Endeavor, and Chevrolet Trailblazer. The Isuzu MU-X was introduced in India and this is the one SUV we are looking to drive.

2020 Infiniti QX60

May 27th, 2020 | Comments Closed | Infiniti

The 2020 Infiniti QX60 is a three-door SUV that seats about seven. Infiniti QX60 sole engine is a 295-horsepower, 3.5-liter V-6 pair with continuous automatic transmission. Infiniti QX60 2020 Front and all-wheel-drive models are available, and competitors include the Lexus RX, Acura MDX, and Buick Enclave.

2020 Hyundai Sonata

May 25th, 2020 | Comments Closed | Hyundai

The 2020 Hyundai Sonata is a midsize sedan with four trim levels: SE, SEL, SEL Plus, and limited. 2020 Sonata SE has a strong list of standard features, including advanced driver safety features. The 2020 Sonata Limited is reasonably priced but includes all the options on the lower mattresses, as well as a few unique features such as ventilated seats and a remote parking feature.

2020 Hyundai Genesis

May 21st, 2020 | 0 Comments | Hyundai

2020 Hyundai Genesis Coupe is a four-footed, five-passenger wheel-wheel-drive second-generation sedan built and sold by Hyundai. The 2nd-generation fo Hyundai Genesis started in Seoul, Korea, in November 2013 followed by the North American International Car Shows. The name Genesis Hyundai’s first entry into the fascinating market section.

2020 Honda City

May 15th, 2020 | Comments Closed | Honda

The 2020 Honda City is a treasure chest and concerted vehicle that has been produced by the manufacturer in Japan Honda. Honda City 2020 is the fifth generation of the expected generation makes a global boom globally. The 2020 City Sedan has seen a change of its exterior, both inside and under the hood. According to data available, Honda City 2020 comes with four trims S, V, SV, and premium RS which is a sportier version.

2020 GMC Savana

May 13th, 2020 | Comments Closed | GMC

The 2020 GMC Savana is a passenger van that appreciates the use of everything else. The GMC Savana 2020 is standing in line with its 12- and 15-seat passenger seats. Savana’s 2020 GMC is not a shortfall in the modern text department, but it does for some of its issues with the small power and resilience of the old school.