2018 Hummer H3

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2018 Hummer H3 is a Hummer Sport Utility Vehicle / Off-Road vehicle manufactured between 2005 and 2010. Hummer H3 2018 model is based on a heavily modified GMT355 that supports the compact Chevrolet Colorado / GMC Canyon Bakkie vehicles. Also built at GM Shreveport Operations in Shreveport, Louisiana and Port Elizabeth in South Africa. The Hummer H3 was actually the smallest of the Hummer models. 2018 H3 is also available as a traditional midsize SUV or as a midsize bowl known as the 2018 Hummer H3T.

2018 Hummer H3 Features

The 2018 Hummer H3 has an electronically controlled two-speed full-time four-wheel drive system, which works both on the road and in the field. Electronic locks and rear differences were optional. Like the Hummer H2, the H3 can reach speeds of 5 km/h and 20 in (508 mm) water at a speed of 20 mph (32 km/h). Normal ground clearance measured with 31-inch tires at 246 mm (9.7 in.), While the stop, take-off and overhang angles were respectively measured at 37.4°, 34. ° and 22.1° so that the H3 16 inches (406)mm vertical wall and negotiates the degree of 60% and its slopes of 40%. The front and rear restraints were standard, with optional trailer and power cable.

The H3 has an intelligent traction that resembles today’s Land Rover or Toyota off-road vehicles. The brakes can be used independently to stop the handlebars and improve traction while automatically adapting to the road conditions without driver intervention. Hummer H3 is also equipped with StabiliTrak stability control and intelligent ABS with variable braking force distribution.

2018 Hummer H3 MPG

2018 Hummer H3 MPG

The optional Adventure or Off-Road package has been made even more powerful with 33-inch tires, a fully armored chassis, off-road shocks, differential gear and a 4: 1 low-range transmission. All of these upgrades increased ground clearance, linkage inclination, approach, and departure angles, and also increased chassis protection and durability of the H3.

Hummer H3 2018 Model

Hummer H3 2018 Model

The maximum tractive effort was 3000 lb (1.361 kg) for the straight 5 with manual transmission, 4,500 lb (2,041 kg) for the straight 5 with automatic transmission and 6,000 lb (2,722 kg) for the V8 with automatic transmission. Cargo volumes in the 2nd-row of seats in the upright position are 25.0 feet, which can be extended to 62.8 cubic feet when the seats are folded. The V8 models have the lowest payload of just over 1,100 lbs (499 kg), while just 5 handbrake models allowed the largest payload of 1,300 lb (590 kg).

2018 Hummer H3 Engine

The H3 was launched with a 3.5-liter, 5-cylinder L52 engine with 160 kW (160 hp) torque and 305 Nm (225 lb.ft) of torque, and was connected to a standard five-speed Aisin AR5 Handbag or optional 4-speed automatic transmission Hydra-Matic 4L60-E. In 2007, this engine was replaced by the 3.7-liter LLR, which produced 242 hp (180 kW) and 242 lb.ft (328 Nm) of torque revised in 2009 to 239 hp (178 kW) 241 lb⋅ft (327 N⋅m). According to the revised EPA test standards, this Series 5 engine, when equipped with a transmission, has 14 mpg-US (17L/ 100 km) in the city and 18 mpg-US (13L / 100 km) on the Highway reached with a combined average of 15 mpg-US (16 L/ 100 km).

Only in conjunction with the automatic transmission, a 5.3-liter V8 engine delivering 300 LH8(220 kW) and 320 lbf⋅ft (430 Nm) of torque, added to the Alpha model in 2008. The V8 version has a lower fuel consumption, measured at 13 mpg-US (18L / 100 km) in the city, 16 mpg-US (15L / 100 km) on the highway, with an average of 14 mpg-US 17L/ 100 km).

2018 Hummer H3 Plug-in hybrid

In early 2009, Raser Technologies and FEV built a prototype plug-in hybrid H3 that could reach up to 100 MPG, as enough main power. This vehicle was renamed the 2018 Hummer Electric H3 and later designated by California State Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger at a press conference in the state capital in Sacramento as part of a campaign to promote greener vehicles.

2018 Hummer H3 Safety

Electronic stability control, anti-lock brakes, brake-controlled traction control, LATCH stool and tire pressure monitoring were standard features of the H3. Side airbags were optional until 2008 when they became standard. The H3 has the second highest score, from highway safety insurance, as well as the front lines and 2018 Hummer H3 side crashes and arms