2016 BMW i8

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The 2016 BMW i8 is a two-door plug-in hybrid sports car with 2 + 2 seats. The BMW i8 comes in a single trim level. The BMW i8 standard features include 20-inches wheels, adjustable suspension, LED outdoor lighting, automatic headlights and wipers, to support front and rear, vision aerial camera, dimming mirrors, remote central locking and ignition, heated front seats, a tilt and telescoping steering wheel, leather upholstery, power front seats, the automatic climate control, memory settings and a HUD.

2016 BMW i8 Features

The 2016 BMW i8 adds the standard electronic navigation system, BMW iDrive electronic system, Bluetooth phone and the audio connectivity, BMW Assist, Internet access and Harman Kardon sound with iPod / USB interface, radio satellite and HD radio included the BMW Apps are and BMW Remote Services.

There are three groups of options, called worlds. World Giga style includes turbine wheels and expanded, perforated leather. World Tera has a choice of standard or style of turbine wheels and the special fabric and leather. Pure World Impulse contains black brake calipers, a choice of standard or turbine wheels and a variety of surfaces and materials unique interior improvements, including a leather hood.

2016 BMW i8 Interior

The 2016 BMW i8 requires a little choreography once the scissor door and swung away. You must step over a high ledge, so the best way is to get in, sit on the ledge and swung over backwards to make your spine slip into the seat and then to follow with the other leg. It’s not hard when you master the step, but you will duck under the lower edge of the door at the same time want.

Once in the 2016 BMW i8, you get used to find a multi-level cockpit design and layers of recycled materials and natural processed leather as furniture and panels. The power seats offer good support and comfort on long journeys, and the drivers have to spare even large margin. The center console is inclined towards the driver, putting all within reach.

The shifter and various mode switch are unique too, and any selection changes the background color and design meters from the main instrument pod. The dials blue in EV mode, Sport is red and gray Comfort. None of them is particularly attractive or easy to read, however, because the number is small, the needles of the instrument are lean and not enough strong contrast with the background. As such, we are likely to take place at the end of the head-up display.

Despite the nickname “2 + 2” is a two-seater essentially how the rear seats are tiny with little clearance, and as such are best used as additional space for luggage. You’ll need it, too, because the root rated a meager 5.4 cubic feet.

2016 BMW i8 Engine

As a plug-in hybrid, the 2016 BMW i8 uses a motorized three-cylinder 1.5-liter turbocharged engine with an electric motor and lithium ion battery pack combined. The gasoline engine drives the rear wheels of an automatic transmission with six speeds, while the electric motor drives the front wheels by a two-speed automatic transmission. When working together, to combine the 2 to deliver 357 horsepower, 420 Nm of torque and all-wheel drive. The battery can be recharged at home with a standard 120-volt garage about 3.5 hours. An upgrade to a 240-volt charger and you can cut down to about 1.5 hours.

2016 BMW i8 Model

2016 BMW i8 Model

In testing, a European-spec 2016 BMW i8 sprinted from zero to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds. According to EPA, the i8 Trips 15 miles all-electric elements can. After that has a combined (city / highway) fuel economy rating of 28 mpg, while the total driving range to 330 miles is estimated the petrol engine and kicks in. The EPA also evaluates the 2016 BMW i8 to 76 MPGe Considering both the gas and the efficiency of electric power.

2016 BMW i8 Safety

The 2016 BMW i8 comes standard with anti-lock brakes, front side airbags and the side curtain airbags and traction and stability control. Also standard is BMW Assist emergency communications, parking sensors and a system camera around the car. On the test track to come to a halt the 2016 BMW i8 from 60 mph in 108 feet.