2020 Bentley GTC

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The 2020 Bentley GTC (Continental Convertible) sets new standards in swimming, beauty, and style. Designed and handmade in a factory in Portugal in England, it needs to relish the splendid open-air tours of the highest quality. The new 2020 Continental GTC is designed to seamlessly connect with the rest of your life. Accessed via an infotainment screen or all-wheel drive, its digital features include Apple CarPlay®, Satellite maps, and Wi-Fi hotspot in the car. My Mexican app, meanwhile, gives you digital access to a car with your phone, with features like my car lock and my car status, which lets you check details such as fuel levels remotely.

The First Edition includes a stunning Disney Rotating Display, while options packs include City City, Mulliner Driving Specification, and Viewing Specifications. Front Seat Comfort specifications, meanwhile, ensure that you can take advantage of the new Continental GT Convertible weather features, including a warm armrest, neck warmers, and air-conditioned front seats. Deep Pile Overmats, mood lighting, and Illuminated Sill add ambiance inside, while LED Mulliner Welcome lights illuminate your path when you get in and out of a car at night. Finally, there is the special 22 ”Wheel Wheel Open, with your choice of finish.

2020 Bentley GTC Design

Sharing the same stylish Continental GT style, the new Continental GT Convertible is truly amazing. The low, wide scales lend the car a spirit of power and presence – a result emphasized by every detail, from the crystal-effect LED matrix headlamp to the tail lamps of the red tail. With the four-sided roof closed, the new Continental GT Convertible features a complex. Selected fabrics allow you to put your own stamp on your car, the buyer can even choose Tweed’s amazing new roof, with individual touches. All this before you go inside.

2020 Bentley GTC Convertible

2020 Bentley GTC Convertible

The car of this size must be properly transported – not only for crossing the air but also for pleasing the eye. Meanwhile, the designers of the eThekwini Department have done everything possible to ensure that when the roof collapses, the exterior and interior combine effortlessly. With the new fast shutter mechanism, the rooftop is way too low for the car’s hips. This allows the graceful design line to be flooded from the side panels and around the rear seats, in one piece.

2020 Bentley GTC Features

The new Continental GT Convertible also includes a wealth of new technologies specifically developed to enhance the open-source experience. While the new Continental GT Convertible is designed to make sunlight, it’s also designed to stand out in winter conditions. With your new 900 Active All-Wheel-Drive at your disposal, this is a great idea that can be enjoyed all year long. To complement the joy of driving and wind in your hair, both front seats are fitted with new cooling technology to keep you comfortable, or for the height of summer. On a bright, clear winter night, you can still enjoy open-air driving, thanks to the warm coats, warm wheels and warm front neck seats that surround your breath and your shoulders.

2020 Bentley GTC Interior

Inside, a continuous ring of hand-built veneer flows from the fascia into the doors, around the driver and front passenger. Design curtains are available on the outside lines, in a useless style when the roof is low. From both veneers and friction diamonds to the spectacular 2006 Rotating Display, the Continental GT Convertible interior represents British automotive art.

2020 Bentley GTC Engine

The new Continental GT Convertible adds to the atmosphere of good travel – the desire to drive the world’s best roads in comfort, excitement, and style. That is why the 6.0 liter 900 12-cylinder engine under its bonnet delivers the right combination of power and power. With dual 8-speed transmission with smooth gear shift speed, it can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds (0 to 100 km / h in 3.8 seconds) and reach a top speed of 207 mph (333 km / h). While traveling at speeds of up to 30 mph (50 km / h), the roof may still be open or closed.

2020 Bentley GTC V8

2020 Bentley GTC V8

Bentley Continental GTC V8 2020

Bentley Continental GTC V8 2020

The new Continental GT Convertible has a choice of four driving modes, allowing you to adjust the performance of the car to suit your ride with a smooth, smooth driving angle. Choose from Comfort, Sport, 900 or Custom mode, where you can configure your combination of settings. With so many types of driving available, you can always improve your drive.

2020 Bentley GTC Safety

Bentley certainly takes a long time to build because most of its interior is manually finished and fit in the car. For example, wood scraps alone take about nine hours to fit. Although it is highly unlikely that the Bentley Continental GT will ever be tested for Euro NCAP, high-end models from Audi and Porsche often receive excellent safety scores. The city-specific Location Package adds a number of security features including traffic signal recognition, city assistance, pedestrian warning, and reverse traffic warning.

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