2016 Audi RS4

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The 2016 Audi RS4 is the most powerful model of the Audi A4 , which is built in the 3rd generation. The 1st Audi RS4 was released in late 1999 as a successor to the Audi RS2 and was produced until the fall of 2001. Its was in contrast to its forerunner RS2 but from quattro GmbH. The Audi RS4 had a 2.7-liter bi-turbo engine with 280 kW -V6 (380 hp) and was up to the appearance of the Audi RS6 is the most powerful car in the Audi model range.

The 2nd generation, released in the summer of 2005 was equipped with a 4.2-liter V8 high-rev engine with 309 kW (420 hp) and turbocharged. The 3rd generation was launched in the spring of 2012 and has as the second generation of a V8 high-rev engine with 4.2 liters, which makes 331 kW (450 hp).

2016 Audi RS4 Background

While the first-generation Audi RS4, only available in the past, has sold more than 6000 copies, Audi present at the Geneva International Motor Show in 2006 , the new version of the Audi RS4 . Based on the B7 chassis of the A4 , it is this time declined at first version sedan .

In order to update the requirements of increasingly high in terms of sportiness, the new RS4 abandons the V6 in favor of a V8 . This is indeed a feat to have managed to integrate an engine of this size in a body volume content . Many technologies are further from the competition. The reason for this drop is explained by the search performance but especially for the prestige and image of the V8 . Furthermore, production model over 340 hp having risen steadily since 2000 has even reached a 25% increase between 2004 and 2005 , the Audi RS4 has every reason to exist .

2016 Audi RS4 Design

The major aesthetic evolution is undeniably the adoption of the trapezoidal grille called Single Frame, stylistic trait specific to the Audi brand. It is also gradually adopted by all of the range. The headlights also inaugurate a new drawing. The air intakes and grille are screened so “honeycomb” and tailpipes oval are surrounded by a honeycomb grid .

Although the main features remain common, version B7 RS4 differs much from the A4 B7 that had done the RS4 B5 A4 B5. The front panel has widened apertures to cool the V8 and side openings identical in design to those of the previous version. Two fins are installed to the stability at high speeds: one at the front and a second rear is integrated with the trunk .

Maintained aesthetic feature, the mirrors are brushed aluminum, as well as those around doors. The interior is distinguished from the classic A4 sedan with its leather bucket seats, aluminum pedals and especially by a steering wheel flattened bottom portion, a first for Audi and soon adopted by all sports Audi.

2016 Audi RS4 Equipment

Like the previous Audi RS4 models, 2016 Audi RS4 model also differs visually from the standard Audi A4. In addition to wider fenders, aluminum-look exterior mirrors and oval exhaust tailpipes of the 2016 Audi RS4 has modified bumpers, among other things, with enlarged air intakes at the front and a diffuser at the rear. Standard compared to the normal A4 is the RS4, among other things, the xenon light with LED daytime running lights and -Heckleuchten and a 19-inch tires. In addition to aluminum pedals and various RS4 lettering inside the standard interior equipment is Alcantara upgraded / leather sports seats.

2016 Audi RS4 Engine

The 2016 Audi RS4 V8 high-rev engine with 4.2 liter displacement was based on the previous model B7, but has been revised and now makes 331 kW (450 hp) at 8250 min -1. The maximum torque of 430 Nm remained unchanged, however, is across the speed range from 4000 to 6000 min -1 are available. The same engine is already since 2010 Coupe Audi RS5 offered. Contrary to previous models with 6-speed manual transmissions, the 7-speed dual-clutch S tronic is fitted as standard with the 2016 Audi RS4.

2016 Audi RS4 Sedan

2016 Audi RS4 Sedan