2016 McLearn P1 GTR

October 6th, 2015 by Linda | 0 Comments | McLaren

The 2016 McLearn P1 GTR is an ultimate track focused driver’s car. The name alone suggests how compelling the car will the first McLaren to use the GTR moniker was the McLaren F1 GTR that won the 1995 Le Mans 24 Hours. Outwardly regulations of road car to hold back, the 2016 McLearn P1 GTR will […]

2016 McLaren F1

October 3rd, 2015 by Linda | 0 Comments | McLaren

The 2016 McLaren F1 designed, engineered and built showing, its great driver’s car in world. The 2016 McLaren F1 redefined the very concept supercar when it launched in 1993 and its successor spiritually, the McLaren P1™, you would do the same 20 years later. Even after two decades it first appeared, the McLaren F1 is still looking forward […]