2017 Smart Fortwo Cabrio

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2017 Smart Fortwo Cabrio comes to bring a little more open-air enjoyment to the occupation. 2017  Fortwo Cabriolet is not the only model of the previous body style for 2016 is worn. The All-new 2017 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive will come also expected later in the model year.

The 2017 Fortwo continue to buy the shortest normal passenger car market in the US market and it is the smallest model in the market by most measures. Yet last year’s full redesign monumental, marking the first complete redesign for the Smart Fortwo as it went on sale in Europe back in the 1990s. This iconic two- seat minicar can fully reconceive, and four inches wider than before which is a big difference between making inside but it is still only 8.8 feet long.

Overall, the 2017 Smart Fortwo does not deviate from the formula of the original Fortwo. The 2017 Smart Fortwo profile is only developed a little, and you’ll find the same snub nose, perky styling and clearly defined passenger-out side, as outlined by a contrasting color. The wheels are pushed out to the corners of the vehicle. Design features of the previous Smart wore include the prominent shoulder line, frameless doors windows, and make a split tailgate which the upper portion for access, while the bottom half flips delivered to a temporary surface.

Walking around to the front corners and you will have a front-end, it is more defined than before-usually a judgment by the pedestrian safety requirements found necessary, but it works with the rest of the profile. New headlights use LED bulbs in the daytime running lights for a modern touch. The “grill” between the lights is essentially a matte finish extinction panel perforated with holes.

2017 Smart Fortwo Interior

The interior is a bit more visually interesting than the previous models, but still quite simple. Two eyeball vents sit on top of the dash, and a small instrument cluster behind the wheel contains the usual parameters. A touch display sits slightly proud of the center console, and overall, the interior has a more substantial feel. Move Accessibility and parking ease, of course, to combat a major selling point for the Fortwo and Smart is particularly proud of the turning circle, which is a surprisingly small 22.8 feet from the curb. This makes it more mobile than ever, and the perfect urban warrior.

The new Smart is also much more capable on the highway than the old one was, and a quieter and smoother ride under pretty much any circumstance. Noise is well suppressed for such a small car, and the redesigned interior and make a greater refinement the new Smart a lot more pleasant vehicle to drive or ride in. Handling is very well sorted, and while this model still does not have a lot of grips, that is confidence inspiring and no longer feel too light in front during highway lane changes.

The standard equipment on the base Fortwo Pure 2017 model includes power windows, central locking, LED daytime running lights, cruise control, power steering, and audio and other controls on the steering wheel. The audio system includes a CD player, Bluetooth streaming for music playback and hands-free commands. The instrument panel includes a display 3.5-inch color, and a trip computer and outside temperature display are also standard.

The 2017 Fortwo Cabrio will be offered in all but the base Pure trim. Besides the Passion, First and Proxy trim levels offer a mix of different functions, trim using interior and accessories to give the different models distinguish characters. There is also an issue # 1 special trim package will only be available for this model year.

2017 Smart Fortwo Cabriolet

2017 Smart Fortwo Cabriolet

Infotainment options in the Fortwo lineup include smartphone integration and a navigation system with real-time traffic and weather data. The Smart Cross Connect app to owners to access their car and other useful features, while away from the vehicle. A top-end JBL audio system with eight speakers and a 240-watt amplifier must offer significant noise for the small cabin.

2017 Smart Fortwo Engine

The family Fortwo is powered by a 0.9-liter three-cylinder engine mounted on its side between the rear wheels, under the body, with power supplied by the rear wheels. This turbo, though, makes 89 horsepower and 100 pound-feet of torque. A five-speed manual is standard and offers a six-speed dual clutch gearbox automatic shifting for those who prefer. Combined EPA fuel economy is 35 or 36 mpg for the coupe, and the company says 0 to 60 mph acceleration 10.1 seconds for the manual and 10.5 seconds for the DCT. Fortwo Cabrio models add a little extra weight and therefore is more than a second (11.6 sec.) slower to 60.

Convertible models are independent of Fortwo Coupe models that they offer a special “Trip” roof three ways can be set, fully open, fully closed, and partially open, as you would with a large sunroof. The power roof takes just 12 seconds to go, and it can be performed with the key fob, although it requires the other bars are removed manually. Altogether, the process can make it the top, removing the bars, and driving them to be done in a special cut-out area of the tailgate and under a minute.

2017 Smart Fortwo Safety

2016 Fortwo comes standard with eight airbags and a crosswind Help function that keeps the car straight during its winds are a standard feature. Forward collision warning is available as an option. It has not been designated for safety crash by either the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) or the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

2017 Smart Fortwo Price

2017 Smart Fortwo prices has not been announced but expect it to the lineup include summer 2017. 2017 Smart Fortwo prices for the rest of the lineup starts under $16,000 including delivery, and we expect to start Fortwo Cabrio models under $21,000.

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