2022 Smart Fortwo

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The 2022 Smart Fortwo is a rear-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, 2-passenger hatchback microcar manufactured and sold by Smart. Fortwo is like a very good  hyper car, in the environment of your choice and nice rubbish elsewhere. The Smart Fortwo 2022 models are manufactured at Smartville, the Daimler assembly plant in Gambach, France, and are each produced in the style of coupe and convertible bodies in a mono-box configuration.

The Smart introduced an automatic start-stop version that is sold as MHD or Micro-Hybrid Drive, in 2nd-generation, and only available in certain markets. The sports model, which is sold as a Brabus model, is available in both generations, and Daimler introduced the Smart electric drive, which is an all-electric version. Fortwo will lay the groundwork for Daimler’s Car2go fleet, the world’s largest car exchange. The Smart Fortwo was designed primarily for urban use, with the brakes and gearbox prone to wear faster than the previous ForTwo. It is too early to say how the new 2022 Fortwo will work in this regard or whether it will really be compared to the refugees of the rival city.

2022 Smart Fortwo : Interior

Inside, there is a very nice place for two people. It also feels spacious because the line is so long and the front window is big. Behind the seat, he takes care of the detritus inside the network. 260 liters in the trunk hatch, 190 in the Convertible. That’s probably enough – many expensive two-seater sports benches are less expensive, and people go on long trips in them. The passenger seat also comes forward, making it comfortable for a cellmate traveling alone. 2022 Fortwo comes with a common charging cable that you can plug into a typical home 13A socket and a “grandma cable” with a built-in control box.

2022 Smart Fortwo Car

2022 Smart Fortwo Car

Together they eat very little of the load. In the early days of the Smart, the saloon looked very funny, along with the obscure children’s cars of its time. The shapes on this Mk3 are still hilarious, but the material choices are a bit weird. The interior is solidly built and mounted on an attractive glossy plastic fabric strip. Speaking of the French brand, Smart’s built-in 7.0in Media touchscreen is also a Renault device. The navigation is also equipped with a display of DAB radio, Bluetooth and Android Auto smartphones. Apple CarPlay, which does the same trick for the iPhone, will be added later, so contact the seller.

2022 Smart Fortwo : Engine

The 80-horsepower electric motor, powered by a 17.6-kilowatt battery, runs quietly, smoothly, and quickly in the style of a conventional electric car. So while the 0-62mph speed of 11.6 seconds doesn’t make a fuss, it’s faster than its main rivals. And when you put your foot down, there’s an instantaneous shock from the electric motor, which makes it feel more zipper, as can be seen from the numbers around town. Although he feels less skilled at car speeds; its acceleration rate decreases significantly as it reaches its maximum speed – 81 amps.

2022 Smart Fortwo Interior

2022 Smart Fortwo Interior

Smart Fortwo 2022

Smart Fortwo 2022

Regenerative braking is equally important, so you can love the fluid. With such a drive, it should be 70 miles if it is not cold outside. For information, the 0-62mph time is 11.6 seconds, or 11.9 seconds for the Cabrio tested. Both acceleration and the available range fall poorly relative to highway speed. But once you’re in your 60s, it’s just like an adventure to shake, stumble and jump on you. Lumpen rural roads also turn it around.

2022 Smart Fortwo : Safety

The smart, compact ForTwo has spent a lot of time and money to make it as secure as possible. The company claims that the new platform is almost as unsafe as a Mercedes C-Class in the event of a car crash. The EuroNCAP tested ForTwo in an emergency, it did not make such a generous assessment, saying that the level of protection from the side effects provided by airbags was low. Considering also the lack of an emergency brake system, 2022 Smart Fortwo only won four out of five stars, but Smart has since undergone a revision of the airbag to address EuroNCAP’s problems.

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