2015 Mini Cooper

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The 2015 Mini Cooper hatchback is come in traditional two-door, with a 4-door. The John Cooper Works trim level is back to the tailgate as well. All 2015 Mini Cooper models come standard Mini Cooper with heated mirrors and an automatic temperature controller. The 2015 Mini Cooper Convertible door again with the hardware on the previous generation.

2015 Mini Cooper Introduction

The 2015 Mini Cooper Hardtop (the nickname for the Mini Cooper two- and four-door) for the second year for the third generation of the Mini Cooper. Overhaul of last year brought a new pair of turbocharged engines, a significantly improved automatic transmission, larger dimensions. The most important additions in this year a four-door hatchback Cooper with more space for loading and enough space for five passengers and a new more powerful hardtop, John Cooper Works.

The theme of the 2015 Mini Cooper, so it seems to be an increase in the room, while all the fun. The two-door model is larger than its predecessor, but still unusually small car that justifies the name Mini. The four newly introduced tailgate doors is just 6.3 inches longer than the 2-door, so its will still fit in some pretty tight spots. The interior bridges the gap between the smaller two-door Cooper Countryman and the largest. The rear seat of the two-door model offers more space than the previous generation car, and four-door sedan gets a fifth seat, but the two cities are becoming uncomfortably tight for adult passengers. Similarly, maximum loading capacity for the two-door model more than 50 percent to 38 cubic feet, and the four-door gets a bit more space with 40.7 cubic but these two measures are much less than you get in a comparable VW Golf for instance.

2015 Mini Cooper Engine

On the other hand, the Mini is a breeze to park almost anywhere, and competition is usually its agile, character gnawing at the bit pipe can not match. Under the hood, the base of the turbo three-cylinder sedan or upgraded four-cylinder in the S version are both very friendly thanks to the high performance and fuel efficiency. Even more power is in the form of the new John Cooper Works sedan with an impressive 228 horsepower turbocharged engine. As for the change (the still old 1.6-liter four-cylinder Mini) is the basic machine boring, but as long as you step in the Cooper S and John Cooper Works version, you are in for a treat in every time when you walk through the aisles.

2015 Mini Cooper Specification

Car Type : Subcompact car
MSRP: From $21,700
MPG: Up to 29 city, 40 highway
Horsepower: 121 to 228 HP
Other model years: 2013, 2014
Engine: 1.5L 3-cylinder, 1.6L 4-cylinder, 2.0L 4-cylinder

MSRP – (2015 MINI Cooper ) Body styles
$21,700 – 2015 Mini Cooper Hatchback
$22,000 – 2015 Mini Cooper Coupe
$25,700 – 2015 Mini Cooper Convertible