2022 Lotus Elise

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The 2022 Lotus Elise is a 2-seater, rear-wheel-drive, mid-engine Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) by British manufacturer Lotus Cars. The 2022 Lotus Elise range has traditionally been filled with different versions and special editions. Elise has a fiberglass body on its glued extruded aluminum chassis, which provides a rigid platform for production while keeping weight and production costs to a minimum. Elise has a top speed of 240 km / h (150 mph).

2022 Elise is named after Romano Artioli’s granddaughter, Elisa Artioli, who was chairman at the time of the launch of the Lotus and Bugatti cars. Lotus Elise was first introduced to demonstrate what Lotus cars mean. It’s lightweight, sleek, agile, and fast, making it one of the best management tools on the road. All of this workmanship and precision machining is done at the expense of practicality, convenience, and sophistication.

2022 Lotus Elise : Interior

Inside, the 2022 Elise’s interiors are very attentive and simple. With a distinct feel and control, as well as compatibility and travel quality, there can be nothing but Elise Lotus. Most of the sills, floors, central tunnels and lines remained open aluminum. There are also many painted plastics available to match the look. Everything else is covered with rubber, leather, or optionally Alcantara. The carbon fiber can also be applied to many interior parts, carbon curtain plates reduce the door opening by 10 mm, which allows them to be installed closer to the extruded aluminum underneath due to manufacturing precision, as well as easier access and exit.

2022 Lotus Elise Nuova

2022 Lotus Elise Nuova

The textured carbon boosts more agility than usual, but that’s minimal, as the standard open, aluminum gearbox provides a lot more from the front. The slim seats fit nicely on all models, and although they’re not deep with very prominent side pillars, they’re very supportive. Sprint models are equipped with upward-facing, lighter carbon fiber-coated specimens.

2022 Lotus Elise : Engine

The Lotus Elise is available in two modes with a 1.8-liter, four-cylinder engine. The Sport offers 220,217 horsepower, while the Cup 250 makes itself even stronger with 243 horsepower. The torque of the two is 184 lbs, but the cup develops a gravitational force of less than 250 rpm. The 0-62mph takes 4.6 seconds and 4.3 seconds, respectively, with the pair going through a six-speed gearbox at 145mph and 150mph high speeds. Lotus Elise is also one of the few cars that don’t have a steering wheel on the road, which brings fantastic precision and emotion through the wheels.

2022 Lotus Elise Interior

2022 Lotus Elise Interior

Lotus Elise 2022

Lotus Elise 2022

The standard Elise and relatively small engine and light body fuel economy is 36.7 mpg. The Foreign Cup 250 is pretty amazing, the performance of the supercar, but the fuel-efficient 36.2mpg. CO2 emissions are also not bad, only 174 g / km and 177 g / km. The warranty covers the car for three years and unlimited walking distance, and the chassis for a total of eight years.

2022 Lotus Elise : Safety

Lotus Elise is a very safe car to drive, as can be seen from some of the events below. The aluminum chassis is very strong and has excellent side protection. The cover shells and front and rear bottom frames absorb energy well. The integral roll bar is also very strong. The 2022 Lotus Elise is safer than ever, equipped with traction control and ABS standard.

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