2016 Toyota Prado

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2016 Toyota Prado is one of the vehicles with the longest tradition and heritage among all Toyota vehicles. 2016 Toyota Prado is the way back launched in 1951 and has many revolutionary ideas since the Land Cruiser. Therefore, it is a no-brainer that the Prado again gets updated for the model years 2016 and received an upgrade. The new 2016 Toyota Prado is basically a smaller version of the Land Cruiser vehicle and come back to us with a large off road package and upgrade.

The 2017 Prado will a tough car and what is the most interesting part of it was found in his bonnet. The 2016 Toyota Prado SUV is smallest Toyota lineup may go their most prestigious one and vehicle reliability and attitude will provide managers and users. 2016 Prado engine is not the only thing that has changed, there are a few minor changes to the exterior and interior of the vehicle. The towing capacity is something that a lot of useful will be the people and that usability and enhance the interest of the fans for this truck.

2016 Toyota Prado Interior

2016 Toyota Prado interior is now more contemporary look and more technologically savvy. Some inclusions in terms of upgrading the appearance of the dashboard of the Toyota Prado really gave some innovation to the appearance of the interior. Not only to keep the line a lot better and cleaner design, it is also well equipped with many gadgets the car a lot more useful. An LCD screen mats in the middle is one of the updates and we also have the new CD and MP3 players added to the AM / AF radio call as well. Smart key access, 7 airbags and a backup camera and all new safety features will be a great addition to the whole concept of the car. Making the management of a lot less easy hill Moving Off Assist Control and the active traction control as well.

2016 Toyota Prado Exterior

As the largest outdoor updates have been added to the previous year model, the latest Prado will only be updated at some points. Yes, there are not many upgrades for the car, but there are some pretty essential those who have a lot of that can make a difference for the true fans of the Prado and Land Cruiser. The grille is the part that most have been upgraded and it is the thing that people see first when it comes to the work of the car. The base version will be a few halogen headlights and a new set of wheels with 17-inch alloy. The hills above the wheels and wrinkles on the sides of the door remains unchanged and is not out of the design of the Prado removed, but still makes it a distinctive feature for the truck.

There are some Chrome additions to the design of the exterior and it can actually differ based on the trim level as a few minor changes have been noticeable that way. But All in all the Land Cruiser Prado is a tough and aggressive vehicle. No matter how you car will always impressive features and good looks. The 2016 model continues Toyota’s legacy based on 2016 Toyota Prado SUV car.

2016 Toyota Prado Engine

The best news about the engine of the latest 2016 Toyota Prado is not just that it’s going to be a strong one, but you go to various options with it. Those who are lucky enough to own the car will be able to choose from and thus the power of the vehicle. The 2016 Toyota Prado, base engine is a 3.0-liter turbo diesel engine delivers 170 horsepower and no less than 302 pounds of torque, also combined with a manual and an automatic transmission system as well.

2016 Toyota Prado Land Cruiser

2016 Toyota Prado Land Cruiser

The 2016 Toyota Prado second engine option is a 4.0-liter VVT-i petrol V6 engine,  power is set to 270 horsepower and 281 pounds of torque. With this engine trim, you will have a option between 5-speed automatic transmission system as a base one, but the guide will be available as optional as well. There are some rumors that a hybrid version is on the way, but no confirmation has been received so far. Being that Toyota values its green policy that is certainly a possibility, but for now, we will have to wait to see if the news about this one is true.

2016 Toyota Prado Price

2016 Toyota Prado price start from 56,000 dollars for the base trim, while a full packed Toyota Prado up will climb to 96,000 dollars.