2016 Buick Riviera

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The 2016 Buick Riviera is a first of Buick entry into this prestigious niche from 1963 to 1999. GM manufactures personal luxury car of the 2016 Buick Riviera estimated by automotive journalists on the highly acclaimed debut album. While early models remained close to the original form are significantly more than thirty years varied life of the French Riviera, the following generations.

Unlike his contemporaries GM stable E-platform was hard, the front wheel from 1979 to 1999. The name was shown at the 2007 Auto Show at the Riviera concept car, given the Oldsmobile Toronado and Cadillac Eldorado, the Riviera and 2013, in the hope of reviving the brand, but no plans to do so are available.

2016 Buick Riviera Overview

The 2016 Buick Rivieraa coast Latin name, was chosen to evoke the charm and richness of the French Riviera. He entered the Buick line in 1949, the appointment of the new two-door hardtop column described in advertising as “incredibly intelligent”. The coupe Buick Roadmaster Riviera (with the Cadillac DeVille and Oldsmobile 98 Holiday Coupe) was the first use of mass production of this body type, would have become very popular over the next 30 years. Buick has a two-door hardtop Super Riviera in the following year added the special in 1951 and the century after his return in 1954, after an absence of 12 years.

From 1951 to 1953 Riviera Roadmaster name and super sedans was given for the long versions of the existing four-door Buick. The 1951-1953 Buick Roadmaster and Super Riviera four-door sedans have more standard features, luxurious interior design and in particular wheelbase (and the total length), 4 inch (102 mm) of more than a Buick Roadmaster and Super regular four-door sedan. The Buick Super Riviera 1951-1952 four-door sedan is still 0.75 inches (19 mm) shorter wheelbase and length than the regular Buick Roadmaster and 4.75 inches (121 mm) shorter than the sedan Roadmaster Riviera four doors. In 1953, during the FireBall eight directly Nailhead V8 engine compact, four-door sedan and the Roadmaster Super Riviera was the same length.

In the middle of the 1955 model, Buick and Oldsmobile added the 1st 4-door hardtops World Series, with Buick and offers only the century and the special models and the Riviera name was also applied for these body design. The four-door hardtops were featured to the Riviera Roadmaster and Super lines at the beginning of the next model year. Since this is. A type of bodywork name and not a model, the Riviera name normally not displayed on the car.

2016 Buick Riviera Concept

At the Shanghai Motor Show, Buick began a coupe concept car called Riviera, based on GM’s Epsilon II platform. The concept was later developed at the North American International Auto Show. It was organized by the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC) is shown. The design was inspired by classic Buick, ancient Chinese artifacts and modern electronic icons. It includes backlight “iced green” Body Shell Blue butterfly doors, a 2 + 2 configuration seats and alloy wheels forged 10 branches of 21 inches.

2016 Buick Riviera Wallpaper

2016 Buick Riviera Wallpaper

Currently no announcement about a revival of the Riviera has made as a production model. A 2016 Buick Riviera concept was also presented at the Shanghai Motor Show 2013, again developed CAPET. The 2016 Buick Riviera had doors and an electric drive train plugin Gullwing.

2016 Buick Riviera Gallery

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