2017 BMW M5

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2017 BMW M5 is probably one of the most important high-performance executive sedans in the world, but the new 2017 BMW M5 does not have the fastest for a long time, especially as cars like the CTS-V or the new RS6 that is both faster and more fun riding. In order to solve that BMW is going to be updated free for their M5 with the new BMW M5 2017. This car is going to get some design changes in order to bring it closer to the facelifted version of the 5 Series, and it will get some necessary performance upgrades, but more on that later. The new car should be ready in mid-2016 for the public to be revealed while the production model will be ready by the third quarter of 2015.

2017 BMW M5 Redesign

As we already mentioned, the exterior of the new BMW M5 will in 2017 remain intact, so the car should the new front received the 2017 5-series with integrated headlights in the grille, new LED lamps both in front and behind and a completely new type of rims made specifically for the xDrive model. Inside the 2017 BMW M5, on the other hand, will usually remain unchanged, with the exception of a few added chromium was not really necessarily, but they did it anyway in order to integrate better in the 5-Series range.

2017 BMW M5 Engine

Engine wise, the new BMW M5 2017 will probably use the same engine as the current version makes. However, it is to make going it off the M-division so that the base model will make about 590 horsepower, 15 more than the current competition package while the car equipped with the Competition Package is likely to see a boost to around 620 horsepower and more than 550 lb-feet of torque. The rear wheel drive system and its 7-speed dual-clutch automatic go on the base model to keep it, but the car with the competition package is probably going to be the first ever M5 all wheel that will make it did not get just faster on the line as the current model, but the manager will give more confidence for sure. The actual performance numbers have not been announced, but the 2017 BMW M5 xDrive is probably going to 60 MPH in under 3.2 seconds hit, while its top speed must be limited to 190 MPH.

2017 BMW M5 Price

2017 BMW M5 price will not hit much with the base model changes required to the US market for about $95,000, very similar to the current model. It must the new performance version of the car well cost more than $120,000, almost $ 15,000 more than the continuous model and that is because BMW would head to head competition with the RS6 and the CTS-V.

2017 BMW M5 xDrive

2017 BMW M5 xDrive