What Does an Audi Extended Warranty Cover

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The Audi is known for its dependable and durable vehicles. The German luxury car brand competes with its rivals when it comes to reliability. Part of Audi’s impressive track record is its comprehensive warranty and protection plans. Audi’s factory warranty covers newly purchased vehicles for up to four years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. If your factory warranty is nearing its end, consider getting an Audi extended warranty.

The brand’s Vehicle Service Protection program acts as a financial safety net that protects you from unexpected repair costs. Audi Vehicle Service Protection covers repair costs, including parts and labor, for up to 10 years or 120,000 miles. Once you purchase this extended warranty product, you pay nothing for repairs within its coverage except for the deductibles you choose.

Audi Vehicle Service Protection Coverage

There are three options in the Audi Vehicle Service Protection plan. Each option offers increasing coverage, giving you the flexibility to get only the protection you need.

Powertrain Coverage

The Powertrain Coverage is the basic option for Audi’s extended warranty. This plan covers certain hybrid/electric parts, drive axle, transfer case or transaxle, transmission, and engine. Powertrain Coverage offers the simplest protection for the most critical parts of your Audi. Engine repair costs for Audi average at $6,500. The basic coverage in the Vehicle Service Protection plan can save you from burning a hole through your savings and keep your Audi running.

Gold Coverage

The Gold Coverage covers everything that Powertrain Coverage does. It adds protection for electrical, climate control, fuel system, and front and rear suspension systems. This option is the middle tier of the Audi Vehicle Service Protection plan. The average repair cost for the fuel pump of an Audi A4 is between $1,000 to $1,500, including parts and labor. Expect more expensive repairs if you have a higher-tier model like the A8. The Gold Coverage can give you peace of mind with its broader coverage.

Platinum Exclusionary Coverage

The Platinum Exclusionary Coverage is the highest tier of the Audi Vehicle Service Protection Plan. It is the most comprehensive extended warranty the brand offers. Platinum coverage includes everything covered by the Powertrain and Gold tiers and all other major mechanical parts of your vehicle. The Platinum plan covers repairs for the navigation system, audio, brakes, steering, and other select electrical/hybrid components. This extended warranty tier does not cover maintenance parts. These include wiper blades, spark plugs, upholstery, and body panels. This option in the Audi Vehicle Service Protection plan gives you the broadest protection, safeguarding the value of your luxury car.

Additional Benefits of Audi Vehicle Service Protection

The Audi Vehicle Service Protection offers added perks for all tiers in addition to the repair, parts, and labor costs covered by each extended warranty tier. Here are some of the benefits you can get:

  • Genuine Audi replacement parts.
  • Nationwide coverage and service at all Audi dealers and authorized service providers.
  • 24-hour roadside assistance, including flat tire service, battery recharging/replacement, and fuel and fluid delivery.
  • Up to $100 reimbursement for towing services to the nearest service provider or Audi dealer.
  • $35 per day rental car reimbursement for up to ten days.
  • For residents outside of California or New York, a $200 per day trip interruption coverage for up to five days. This only applies if the trip is interrupted by a mechanical breakdown covered by your extended warranty.

Coverage Exclusions of Audi’s Extended Warranty

The three tiers of the Audi Vehicle Service Protection plan do not cover the following.

  • Everything is still covered by the factory warranty
  • Accidents
  • Vandalism
  • Mechanical breakdowns due to collision
  • Weather-related mechanical breakdowns
  • Parts or mechanical failure due to lack of maintenance
  • Issues that are pre-existing with the vehicle before the purchase of the extended warranty

There may be additional exclusions and limitations, depending on your agreement or contract. In simplest terms, Audi’s extended warranty program covers mechanical failure due to wear-and-tear or faulty parts. It does not cover breakdowns due to external factors, such as accidents.

Cost of Audi’s Extended Warranty

The Audi Vehicle Service Protection may vary in cost depending on your dealership and your vehicle. For exact estimates, contact your nearest Audi dealer or authorized service provider. There are four deductible options in Audi’s extended warranty program: $0, $100 disappearing, $100, and $250. The $100 disappearing deductible is waived if you bring your Audi to the selling dealership for repairs.

Is the Audi Vehicle Service Protection Worth It?

Audi’s extended warranty program is a reasonable, comprehensive protection plan that offers flexibility and options depending on your needs. If your Audi’s factory warranty is nearing its end, the Vehicle Service Protection gives you peace of mind and helps maintain your luxury vehicle’s resell value.