The Seven Best Cars for University Students

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It’s exciting for students to be heading off to university. It’s often their first time away from home. This is the time that young adults discover more about themselves as well as the world around them. Many students just pass their driving exam when they head to university. Students want to own a car so naturally, they will also be driving. Because most uni students have limited incomes and are not employed full-time, car costs will naturally be a major concern. Studying is hard and not everybody understands it. People want students to be successful everywhere. But sometimes students deserve to have a rest, take their car, and drive somewhere they feel happy without thinking that they need to do my essay paper.

Having a car is a precious opportunity to feel freedom. Let’s now look at seven cost-effective alternatives for students who are on a tight budget. We have also taken into account fuel efficiency. Due to rising petrol prices, no student at uni wants to pay a large sum for petrol. The cars are not ranked in any specific order. However, they all have been selected for their affordability as well as reliability and desirability. The following are the best cars to buy for students.

1. Mazda 2

The Mazda 2 was launched back in 2014 when it was first introduced. The Mazda 2 was launched in 2014. The car feels premium and is extremely well-equipped. Even though it’s not the cheapest supermini available, it still offers great value. The car’s age is evident. While the interior is quite well equipped, it is not as user-friendly as the infotainment systems. Some of the materials feel a little cheap in comparison with new Hyundai and Kia rivals. But, the fun handling more than makes up for any disadvantages.

Mazda 2 Pros:

  • Cute styling
  • Excellent safety rating
  •  Playful handling
  • Value for money

Mazda 2 Cons:

  • An out-of-date infotainment program
  • Not so spacious
  • You can feel your age

2. Suzuki Swift

The Suzuki Swift is sometimes overlooked by modern competitors, but this car is a fun little car. It comes well-equipped, has a 5-star ANCAP rating, is very economical, and delivers excellent performance and economy. Even though the Suzuki Swift is one the smallest cars in this category, it offers plenty of space inside. The interior is beginning to show its age. The interior is starting to feel cheap with the plastics and lacking simple luxury features like a central armrest. The infotainment software feels outdated as well. The dynamic handling and powerful engine make up for any negatives.

Suzuki Swift Pros

  • Great handling
  • Excellent engines
  • Good quality equipment

Suzuki Swift Cons

  • Interior lacks quality
  • Small boot
  • Feels underpowered

3. Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 is a popular choice for younger buyers due to its retro look and fast engines. It’s 15 years old so it is not up to date with modern cars. It’s not equipped with the most up-to-date safety technology, and it has cramped rear seats. However, this car is a great performer on the roads. Rare cars make you smile like this one. The car handles very well and is extremely smooth. You will also enjoy the interior thanks to its retro design, quality materials, and funky retro look. Yes, the Fiat little brother can still beat new competitors, but it’s no bargain.

Fiat 500 Pros

  • Enjoy a refined ride
  • Quality cabin
  • Retro styling

Fiat 500 Cons

  • Front seats crammed
  • A tiny boot

4. Toyota Corolla

The 2023 Toyota Corolla will be the only car on this list with both petrol and hybrid engines. However, it is one of the most expensive cars on this list with the hybrid priced at $34,695. This hybrid is also the cheapest and most reliable. A used Corolla from recent years is a good alternative if you can’t afford a brand-new Corolla. Toyotas are known for their reliability. A used Corolla can save you money and be a solid choice. The Corolla handles well, and it comes with the latest active safety technology. All standard features are pedestrian/cyclist safety, lane-keep assist, lane departure alert, traffic sign recognition, and reverse cameras. It’s a great car. It’s a great car, has great value is fun to drive, economical to run, and looks great.

Toyota Corolla Pros

  • Looks amazing
  • Handles great
  • Generously equipped
  • Attractive pricing

Toyota Corolla Cons

  • You have very little legroom in your back
  • Smaller engines lack power
  • Noise on rough roads

5. Hyundai i30

The Hyundai i30 got a facelift in 2022 to stay competitive against the new models of Toyota and Kia. The change is subtle, but it was necessary. The Hyundai i30 is one of the best-rounded cars available today. The interior is elegant, the ride is comfortable, and the 2.0L engine is extremely efficient. The Hyundai i30’s greatest strength is its value for money. This hatchback is perfect for families, and prices start at $23,420 including on-road costs. Hyundai offers a no-nonsense service program, which caps service costs at $279/year for the first five consecutive years. It is a fantastic car with an effortless ownership experience.

Hyundai i30 Pros

  • Spacious interior
  • Excellent ride
  • Low running costs

Hyundai i30 Cons

  •  Man lacks the wow factor
  • Buggy infotainment device
  • Driver aids tend to be oversensitive

6. Kia Cerato

The Cerato model is one of Kia’s most successful. Since 2003, there have been more than 155,000. The Cerato is loved for its mature styling, spacious interior, and dynamic handling. You can also get it at a great price starting at $25,000. The KIA Cerato is a mid-sized family hatchback, which can comfortably hold four passengers and their luggage. The handling of the Cerato isn’t poor. This car is one of our best-handling cars. The Cerato is an excellent choice for students who are looking for a spacious, value-oriented car that is fun to drive.

Kia Cerato Pros

• Excellent handling
• Quality cabin
• Spacious interior
• Great value

Kia Cerato Cons

• Gearbox slow for a change
• Dashboard feels dated

7. MG 3

MG is known for delivering high-quality cars at affordable prices. With the compact MG 3, that tradition continues. The MG 3 is a very affordable car, with alloy wheels of 15 inches, air conditioning, leather-trimmed controls, and rear parking sensors. However, certain active safety features such as pedestrian/cyclist detection and auto emergency braking are missing. These features are included in the Hyundai i30 as well as the Kia Cerato. But the MG costs significantly less than these two. The MG is a good choice if you are tight on cash.

MG 3 Pros

  • Great value
  • 7-year unlimited KM warranty
  • Well equipped

MG 3 Cons

  •  You are missing some safety features
  • Fuel consumption isn’t class-leading

Final thoughts

Students who struggle to pay student loans may find it difficult to afford a car. For many students, however, a car is a necessity. To get to university and to attend interviews off-campus, they need one. Saving money on public transport can be achieved by having a car at university. The question now is whether to buy new or used. Many students will instinctively choose a second-hand vehicle as they are strapped for cash. This could be a false economy. What happens if there is an error? A costly repair bill is the last thing you need. It may be better to buy a new and it could last you for 10+ years before you need to worry.