Best places to work for drivers according to Jooble

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People who choose to drive to transport goods or people are often in positions that allow them to develop their skills and achieve career advancement. Most driving positions require specific technical skills and industry knowledge. In any case, driver positions can have a pretty good salary, with Nascar transport driver positions and other modern employment options being the most popular. We’ll have a close look at driver jobs by identifying the best works in this article.

What does it mean to have a job as a driver?

A driver position is a job that requires unique driving skills to perform direct job duties. Certain driver positions allow car companies to check out their vehicles, while others focus on niche trucking duties. Drivers are also used to deliver products and other items to businesses, companies, and residential properties.

The best places of employment for drivers

Choosing the best place of employment for a driver is quite a challenge. In this situation, it is worth trusting real professionals. Together with the experts of the job aggregator Jooble, we have delved into this issue in more detail. We selected some of the best options for drivers to get a job.

Top 3 driver professions with the highest pay

Suppose you want to find the best driving position. In that case, we suggest you check out our full review of various jobs based on salary and other job options on experience and skills.

1. Tanker Driver : Salary: $83,789 annually.

The primary duties of a tanker driver include transporting liquids to a specific location. They are most often involved in transporting liquids, natural gas, industrial chemicals, and water. These professionals are responsible for certifying the integrity of the vehicle’s tank against corrosion, various holes, and other defects that can significantly impair the tank’s condition.

2. Tractor-trailer driver : Salary amount: $84,471 annually.

The main duties of these workers include transporting the company’s goods and materials to a specific location using a semi-trailer that has another trailer. In this situation, they are responsible for checking cargo loading data. They also make sure it is safe and firmly secured. These drivers also cooperate with dispatchers and customers to deliver the cargo on time.

3. Private drivers : Salary amount: $301,511 annually.

These workers work on their own or contract with some companies to transport goods. Represented drivers coordinate with their employers on transportation schedules and confirmation of shipping information. Private drivers also make a transportation route, communicate with dispatchers, and coordinate all remaining data regarding trucking.

Where else can I get a job as a driver?

In addition to the driver jobs with the highest salaries, there are also other places of employment that you should consider. It is worth noting that the wages in these positions are also at a sufficient level. In some situations, there is good career growth provided. The best places for employment for drivers are as follows:

1. Tow truck driver

Car wreckers are involved in transporting new and used cars to production facilities or showrooms. The driver inspects the tow truck before and after use, ensuring the safety and security of the vehicle. These specialists also check the fasteners and ramps, which allow you to fix the transported cargo on the car.

2. Driving a truck on an icy road

Ice road trucks are responsible for transporting cargo over long distances or to hard-to-reach places. They often have to overcome dangerous conditions on the road: snow, ice, and more. In addition, this driver confirms information before the trip about the weather conditions on the road to intelligently calculate the time and the optimal route.

3. Dangerous Goods Carrier

Presented professionals are involved in transporting hazardous materials by automobile to their destination. These drivers often transport air conditioners, batteries, fireworks, aerosols, and more. They do maintenance on their vehicles before they go on a trip. Dangerous goods transporters also examine the route for potential problems, choosing the best way.

4. Heavy Equipment Carrier

The military often uses the services of heavy equipment transporters to get equipment to the right place. These professionals are also responsible for inspecting the vehicle and checking tire pressure and other essential points. In addition, drivers work with members of the vehicle team to confirm the vehicle’s route and destination. Drivers can transport various heavy equipment, such as tanks, armored personnel carriers, and other vehicles.

5. Dump truck driver in the quarry

The primary duties of the driver of the quarry dump truck include the transportation of metals, rocks, ore, and other materials from the place of their extraction to certain enterprises for their processing. In their work, they often have to use low-frame trailers and tilt cars following instructions to facilitate the transportation of materials from the quarry. Also, these drivers often have to pass weight inspection on the vehicles to make sure the cargo conforms to specific standards set by law.

6. Long-distance and off-road drivers

OTR trucks transport materials, products, and other miscellaneous cargo for quite a long time. In addition, these specialists control the loading and unloading of things, fill out the appropriate documentation, and cooperate with the delivery service. Truckers supervise their trips, check documents, secure cargo on the vehicle, and periodically perform technical inspections.

7. Oversize cargo transporter

The professionals represented are involved in transporting oversized cargo to its destination. In addition, they also communicate with other drivers to find many obstacles on the road to ensure the maximum safety of the transported cargo and other drivers. Often, carriers transport oversized items like farm equipment, heavy machinery, construction concrete beams, and other oil field equipment.

8. Driver of a private company

Presented specialists are engaged in the transportation of goods for a particular company. Job duties may include local delivery or long-distance trips across multiple states. These professionals also cooperate with freight forwarders and dispatchers to ensure the fastest and highest quality delivery to a private company.

9. Truck Driver

This worker is involved in delivering a variety of cargo to the destination. The main advantage of the represented driver is that he transports goods over significant distances and reduces the delivery time to customers. These drivers are responsible for loading and unloading, washing their vehicles, monitoring the car’s technical condition, and keeping track of trips. You can review open vacancies here.

How to find a job as a driver: the best tips

There are many nuances to consider when looking for a job as a driver. We offer some tips to help you decide on the right job:

  1. Examine your own goals. By analyzing your career goals, a driver will be able to find the best position to achieve the task at hand. For example, if you want to deliver products across different states, it’s worth getting a job as a trucker.
  2.  Verify your qualifications. With the help of this analysis, you will be able to determine the relevance of your skills, skills, and license to a specific position. It will allow you to choose the need for further training for a particular job.
  3.  Become familiar with the job openings in detail. A job description is an essential tool for understanding the requirements and responsibilities of a particular position. With the help of detailed reading, you will be able to comprehend if the job is right for you.

Conclusion: The driver’s position is quite a broad concept, which implies a variety of positions. We hope that our article will help you choose the best option for further employment, depending on the salary and other features.