Inkas-Armored Vehicles for Banks, Agencies and Individuals

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The world’s corporations and governments have always been concerned about their security, but with the rise of terrorism, these concerns have become even greater. This has forced many organizations to allocate significant resources to fighting terrorism. Fortunately, armored cars and other vehicles manufactured by INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing can provide peace of mind and protection in times of danger. These vehicles are designed to protect against handguns 44 Magnum.

INKAS Armored

INKAS Armored

Impenetrable Armor Protective Systems is a company based in Bacoor, Cavite. It has developed a revolutionary package of armor, one of the lightest available. Their armor is battlefield-tested and CE-certified. The level BR6 system offers bulletproof protection against assault rifles and handguns up to a.44 Magnum. They also provide armored vehicle leasing services, tactical personal protective solutions, and vehicle performance upgrades to ensure safety. The Level BR4 package is made from Kevlar-like composite material and is fitted to the door panels of an SUV. The company tested the package with 9mm pistol ammunition and found it to be resistant to the bullet. A shot was fired from a distance of 12 cm, resulting in three hits to the glass center. During the test, the bullet may not penetrate the glass but may cause a small number of glass splinters, which is added to the overall result.

Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Series

The Inkas Armored 300 Series Toyota is an armored version of the regular Toyota Land Cruiser. It weighs significantly more than a regular Toyota Land Cruiser, but it has no less powerful engines and suspension mechanicals. It also comes with an optional fire suppression system and hardcore wheel and brake packages. There is no set price for the armored 300 Series, but the price is probably not important to anyone in need of a vehicle with this kind of protection.


The Armored 300 Series Toyota Land Cruiser is designed with high-quality components that will protect the occupants of the vehicle from bullets and explosions. The vehicle is protected to a level of BR6 for high-powered assault rifles and other types of explosives. It is now available for worldwide delivery, and can even be shipped via air freight. The armored Land Cruiser LC 300 SUV is also highly versatile, offering superior performance, fuel economy, and safety.

Sentry Civilian

For those of you who don’t know, the Sentry Civilian is a law enforcement vehicle that has been customized and armored to withstand assault weapons and blasts from hand grenades. Although this vehicle has a somewhat boxy overall aesthetic, it can protect the driver and passengers from multiple types of attacks. Despite its boxy design, the Sentry can withstand a 7.62 mm caliber assault rifle.

The Inkas Sentry Civilian is the most advanced civilian armored personnel carrier ever. It’s the middle vehicle in the mainstream APC lineup, positioned between the Huron and Hudson. With its armored body, the Sentry can be used for the transportation of high-level executives and celebrities and can withstand the forces of a terrorist attack. Inkas also offers its Sentry Civilian at sea, so the military can ship it anywhere they want. Like other firearm components, magazines are subject to “wear and tear” and must be repaired, cleaned, and eventually replaced for your gun to function reliably, or maybe you just want more of them.