What Is a Car Auction? How the Car Auction Process Work?

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Car auctions are quickly becoming the first choice for people who want to buy vehicles at affordable rates. Not only do such platforms sell lower-priced cars, but you can find the car title you are looking for. For example, clean title, salvage title, and rebuilt title cars can be easily purchased through an auto auction. So, if you want to buy salvage cars, classic vehicles, or any other type of automobile to add to your collection, your first stop should be a salvage auto auction.

What Is a Car Auction?

The car auction is an online or on-site auction marketplace that allows people to place bids on vehicle listings. After placing the winning bid, you have to pay the total amount within a specific timeframe. Then, you can collect the car from the auto auction. The most common types of auto auctions held in the USA are:

Public Auctions

Everyone is allowed to buy clean titles and salvage autos from auctions that are held for the public. You do not need a dealer’s license to participate in this type of vehicle auction. For registration, you only have to show your government-issued ID to prove you are not a fake buyer. The auction office will check your driver’s license and give you permission to bid and buy during the live sessions.

Dealer Auctions

Dealer auctions are private events that only admit car dealers. As a personal buyer, you cannot gain access to this marketplace. Most commonly, all the cars at dealer auctions are in drivable condition. So, car dealers just buy vehicles from an auction marketplace and sell them to individual buyers at their dealerships.

Government Auctions

In government auctions, the vehicle listing consists of automobiles that were previously owned or used by government agencies or personnel. In this type of auction, you will find good-conditioned cars that are maintained regularly. As a result, the prices are comparatively higher than public auto auctions. However, one major drawback is that the vehicles listed in this auction have high mileage readings. Even if the outer body is in perfect condition, you may need to replace any worn-down parts.

Salvage Auctions

Salvage auctions only list salvage cars for auction. You can buy a car with this title at a low price and make repairs to restore it. Once all the necessary repairs are made, you have to get it evaluated and obtain a rebuilt title from the DMV.

Difference Between Open and Private Auto Auctions

The main difference between public and private auctions is that you don’t need a dealership license to bid and buy from a public auction. In comparison, a private auction requires you to show a dealer’s license for registration and participation. For example, dealer auctions are strictly private. Meanwhile, public auctions are open to everyone. However, salvage and government auctions are private or open, depending on the auction organizer. If you want to buy a car from an auto auction that provides all types of vehicles, including salvage cars and clean title cars, visit A Better Bid. It is an online exclusive platform that allows anyone to place a bid.

Bid: The Better Bid is a completely digital car bidding platform. It organizes a live auction in which you can choose from 300,000+ automobile listings daily. ABB is a Copart-registered broker and collects vehicles from insurance, rental, and financial companies for its inventory, therefore, you can easily buy a motorcycle, car, SUV, sedan, boat, and other types of vehicles at wholesale prices.

What is the Car Auction Bidding and Buying Process?

Buying a car from an auction is very easy, especially at ABB. This is because ABB allows you to complete all the processes from your computer or smartphone. You can be anywhere in the world and easily bid on and purchase a vehicle. To become a part of the ABB auction, follow these steps:

  1. Visit A Better Bid’s official site and register with your email ID
  2. Upload your government-issued ID and driver’s license
  3. Select the membership package (you can choose from Standard, Pro, and Premium subscriptions)
  4. Deposit money to gain buyer power
  5. Find your dream car
  6. Bid in the live auction and place the winning bid
  7. Pay the total amount within 2 to 3 business days
  8. Order delivery
  9. Your car will be delivered to your doorstep

ABB offers home delivery all across the USA. Moreover, it can ship your vehicle to a port in the States, where you can arrange for international delivery yourself.

Benefits of Buying a Vehicle from a Car Auction

Purchasing a vehicle from a car auction like ABB has multiple benefits, such as:

  • You can access a huge inventory that consists of classic and recent vehicle models.
  • The automobiles are available at wholesale rates.
  • You can even find vintage cars at an affordable price.
  • You can review the vehicle history report (service available for ABB Pro and Premium members) to check the mileage, odometer reading, previous owners, past accidents, and recalls of the car.
  • You don’t have to pay a registration fee or any hidden costs when buying from ABB.

Wrapping Up : Car auctions list a huge variety of vehicles, there are private auctions that are only available for dealers and open auctions that allow everyone to purchase their dream car. ABB is an open and public auction that organizes online bidding. You can register and choose from more than 300,000 vehicles. Once you win the bid, ABB will also deliver your car anywhere in the US.