What are The Reasons Behind Keys Getting Stuck in The Ignition?

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If your car key gets stuck in the hole and does not budge, it might be for several reasons. One of these explanations may apply to a particular model and brand of car. However, key sticking may occur in any car, regardless of brand or model, for various reasons. Therefore, to find a solution, you must first understand the sources of the issue. If your key doesn’t turn in the ignition, try pulling it out. But, if your key gets stuck, don’t force it, you may break it.

Key Stuck In Ignition

Key Stuck In Ignition

Reasons Why Key Gets Stuck in the Ignition

The following are the most common reasons a key gets stuck in the ignition.

Damaged Key

Let us assume you are still stumped about why you cannot get your key out of the ignition. You may have damaged your vehicle key in the ignition, which is a terrible situation. One of the worst-case scenarios would be this. Individuals who use duplicate keys instead of the original key are more likely to encounter this issue. The original key provided by the manufacturer is always superior to the copies. Some duplicating materials are not as durable as the original keys themselves. With the same materials, duplicating the same key is almost impossible. As a result, the duplicated keys are more vulnerable to being broken or damaged. They may also degenerate with time and lose their original integrity.

However, there are ways to remove your key from the ignition if it gets stuck. Of course, the best way to do it is by calling professionals. But you can also check out guides from the Mechanic Base professionals, which would help you with easy steps to remove your key from the ignition. Making copies on your own is a brilliant idea going ahead. To ensure that your key is constructed of solid and dependable materials, you could inquire with the original manufacturer about having a replica manufactured. Use your original key if you do not have any copies from the manufacturer. This is a great way to keep your ignition from locking up on you if you have a weak key.

Parking Gear Not Set

Always put the gearbox in “Park” mode before removing a vehicle key from the ignition. The key will not come out in an automatic gearbox whether the gear is in drive, neutral, or any other accessible gear. Make sure that the manual transmission gear shifter is in “Neutral” mode and not in any other gear. The gear does not always get set over when users shift into the park. Verify that the “P” is highlighted on your vehicle’s digital screen if it has one.

Debris on Key

To others, it is a fun habit to use their vehicle keys to pry open shipments and boxes. Unfortunately, this procedure may cause the key to be trapped with tape fragments in addition to ripping through the box tape. If the tape is still on the key, the pins in the ignition cylinder will be more difficult to engage if the key is placed in the ignition.

Dead Battery

Keep checking your battery to see if it fixes the problem if your key is still stuck. Likewise, your key will get stuck in the ignition if your battery dies. Using tools, you can determine whether your battery is still functional. If your headlights do not come on when you turn the ignition on, you have a dead battery. It is best to wait for someone to assist you in jumping your vehicle and then get a new battery. To determine whether a dead battery caused the problem, try to remove your key from the keyway when it begins operating again.

Locked Steering Wheel

The steering wheel lock will be activated if you switch off your car while moving the wheel a tiny amount. Because of this, you won’t be able to turn the wheel or remove the key from the ignition. This is because the steering wheel and the ignition cylinder lock at the very same time. Turning the key and wriggling the steering wheel simultaneously will unlock both locks at the same time. Either you remove the key, or the engine will start.

Broken Ignition Cylinder

Your key may not be able to be removed if your ignition lock cylinder is about to fail. This is because the form of your key matches up with multiple rows of spring-loaded pins within the ignition lock when inserted. You may be unable to remove the key if these pins are misaligned.

A Blockage in the Keyway

There may be a blockage in the keyway if your key gets stuck in the ignition. This might be a problem preventing you from getting out of your current situation. Unfortunately, many things may become caught in the keyway. For example, the keyway may get clogged with dust, grit, and other tiny particles, making it difficult to type.

A buildup of dirt in the keyway may prevent keys from being inserted. However, if you place your key into the keyway, you may not have any issues at all. However, when you attempt to remove your key, you may encounter a problem. In this case, a problem arises because keyway debris might jam the ignition system. If you have the opportunity, thoroughly clean the keyway. Dirt is a common occurrence, and it may lead to various problems.

Things to do If the Ignition Key Keeps Getting Stuck

Try the following if the key continues getting stuck.

Spray WD-40

Spray WD-40 into the ignition and see if it helps. Ideally, the can should come with a small straw inserted between your key and the ignition lock. Removing the key by gently wiggling it with this extra lubricant is possible. Inspect the key for damage or a bent indication after being taken out of the lock. You will need a new key if that is the case.

Adhesive Remover/Rubbing Alcohol

To completely clean a key that does not seem to be damaged but is covered in filth or grime, use rubbing alcohol or an adhesive remover. You may be dealing with an issue with the ignition lock itself if you have previously tried using WD-40 to remove the key without success. First, of course, you will need to validate this with a locksmith or a technician.


To keep the keyhole from drying out, spray WD-40 into it from time to time. A six-month interval is more than plenty. Additionally, the lockset is made to operate more smoothly by using dry graphite lubrication. Please do not do it with a vehicle key when cutting packaging tape off courier parcels. Instead, in the ignition, turn the key slowly and carefully. Despite all this, you may still find yourself in lock problems. So keep the number of a reliable locksmith handy just in case.