The Best Tips and Tricks for Car Photography

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So, do you have a cool car or do you just really like taking pictures of cars? Well, then it’s time to talk about this type of photography! It can be eye-catching and make you want to keep looking at it. However, you can’t take great photos without knowing the basics. We have prepared a little guide for you that will help you improve your car photography skills. By the way, don’t forget that editing can make just a good photo stunning! You can read about the best filter apps on Skylum’s blog. It will help you create real photo masterpieces that viewers won’t be able to take their eyes off of.

Car Photography

Car Photography

1. Try Turning the Headlights Titles

This may sound pretty weird, especially if you are taking pictures during the day, but don’t be surprised. The thing is, the headlights are the first thing you look at. Why not put even more emphasis on them? It will look especially cool if you take a photo against a background that matches the color of the car. Evening shots would be great at all because that way your car would look just gorgeous.

2. Pay attention to the Car Colours

You should keep in mind that different types of paint can look different in a different light. Most drivers prefer not to shoot their cars in direct sunlight, but there are times when it would benefit the picture. So don’t be afraid to experiment with different lighting conditions. My advice is to look at your finished photos before editing them. That way you can find the best settings for the rest of the process.

3. Pay Attention to the Background and Foreground

Pay close attention to where you are shooting the car. Location is very important because it can make or kill your photo a masterpiece. I don’t mean you necessarily have to be on a fancy highway or in the mountains with steep road corners. Just think about it: would you want someone to take a picture of your car in front of a dumpster? Of course not! That’s why background and foreground are so important.

4. Take Care of Car Equipment

Here are some general tips that will be appropriate no matter the situation:

  • You’ll need an interchangeable lens camera that allows you to shoot in RAW format.
  • Pay attention to having autofocus, because it will be very useful both when the auto is moving and when it’s just standing still.
    Buy a full-frame camera to ensure the best image quality. Of course, if your budget allows it.

5. Take Pictures from Different Angles

Of course, you can’t win without failures. That’s why I suggest trying to take several shots from different angles. When you look at the professional photos that commercial photographers take for dealerships, you admire them. We’re ready to reveal the secret to such perfect shots. You simply need to mount your camera on a tripod and position it at about the height of the car’s side view mirror. But if you want to get a certain effect, here are a few tips:

  • Shooting at a low angle can be a great way to show the low stand of a sports car or get a nice reflection in a puddle.
  • A high angle allows you to emphasize the background. For example, this can be used when shooting a car that is going fast off-road. This option is great if you want to show how your car “lives”.

6. Think About Reflections

Controlling what is reflected in your car is one of the most important things you need to consider. One detail that will appear out of place can kill your photo. I suggest having an open space behind you, such as a field or the ocean. However, if you are unlucky and need to shoot in a crowded area or just where there is no open space, get down low. That way you can get rid of distracting things and have the sky in the reflection. Some photographers who want to shoot an auto accidentally include themselves in the frame. If you don’t want to do that, then mount the camera on a tripod and set the self-timer. All you have to do after that is get out of the frame.

7. Try Night Photography

This is a great type of photography, and it’s especially great for autos! To get mind-blowing photos, you’ll need a tripod and a small light source to place in front or behind your car (depending on which angle you choose). Regarding camera settings, ISO 100 is the best option. I don’t recommend raising it, even though the light will not be too high.

Conclusion : Be sure to try these tips for the perfect effect, the last thing I want to mention is post-processing. It can make the picture better, so find the right photo editor for you. I like Luminar Neo because it is very handy and has many useful features. However, the choice is always up to you, we wish you great pictures!