The Best Cars for College Students in 2022

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Choosing your first car once you go to college is such an important event. You need something reliable but not too expensive. Also, you want your car to reflect who you are. It should speak of your personality and priorities. Still, you have to consider practical reasons, like its optimal size or insurance policies. Sure enough, all these criteria make choosing a car quite a challenge. As if students don’t already have a lot on their minds.

Fortunately, many car manufacturers produce cars specifically for students. These are the best options a young person can find within a reasonable budget while also covering all their basic needs. So, let’s see what cars for college students will be popular in 2022 and why. Here is how to choose the best car for your college years.

What things to consider?

Let’s start with outlining the basic factors to consider when choosing a car. Students, especially first-time buyers, tend to make many mistakes when buying their first vehicle. Some look at the most popular models without wondering why others choose them. Others look at the lowest price, not thinking about insurance or maintenance costs. Lastly, students don’t determine their prior needs for the car when making their final choice. Here are several factors to consider before looking for a car.

Budget: Of course, you have to set a clear budget for your future purchase. Research market options and see what money limits are reasonable for what you desire. Don’t forget the price of maintenance, gas, and insurance.

Size: Do you live on campus? Do you have a lot of parking space there? How good are your parking skills anyway? Overall, the car’s size will affect your comfort, driving style, and parking experience.

New or used: Given your budget, you can buy a used car of premium class or a new budget car. Both of these options are fine. The former may be even more reliable than a cheap new car, which will come at a lower insurance rate. Plus, you will have more options within your limited budget. However, the latter will be newer models, which may have additional new tech features.

Safety: Safety is a big factor to consider when getting a car. Most modern vehicles are packed with various safety features, so research those options first. Also, read about the reputation of the cars you consider. Do they break often? Is it easy to maintain them? How often should you check them in a shop?

Current market options

Once you have all the answers ready, it’s time to research your options. It may take a while, though. So, consider going through a speedypaper review first to have a backup homework option if your car shopping goes longer than you expect.

Hyundai Elantra: Students seem to like this 2021 Elantra sedan right off the bat. It’s a small car best used for city purposes. However, keep in mind that it doesn’t do too well on off-road trips. Hyundai Elantra is a budget car, with the new model costing around $17,000. However, it is affordable and loved by many. Stylish design, a nice set of electronics, including a 10.3-inch touchscreen display, and a hybrid engine make this car a top choice among students.

Toyota Prius: This car manufacturer has long become the producer of students’ favorite options. Another small car on our list, the Toyota Prius, can surprise anyone with its spacious interior and money-saving gas mileage. It’s also another hybrid, so environmentally conscious students often lead towards this model. Overall, it’s a comfortable city car, with affordable gas usage and insurance. What else does a student need?

Subaru Outback: Those who want something slightly bigger than the students’ classic can look at Subaru Outback. It’s a perfect option for city and off-the-road trails. It’s something in between a large SUV and a midsize family car. This model won’t be the fastest, but it sure gifts you a comfortable drive. Moreover, it’s packed with modern safety features, nice tech advantages, and a pleasing interior.

Nissan Altima: With the Nissan Altima, you receive a stylish, spacious, and comfortable car with top-notch safety features for a very reasonable price. Indeed, this model has conquered the hearts of students who want something less traditional and more pleasing to the eye than your mom’s car. This model will ensure a smooth, safe, and enjoyable ride in the city and beyond. Also, you can look for model upgrades to set a more sporty engine if you’d like.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid: Large, sporty, safe, spacious, and very comfortable – these are only a few definitions you can think of just by looking at the newest Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. Indeed, this SUV is big among students who don’t think small. It’s a perfect car to travel in or have road trips between semesters. It also doesn’t cost that much for an SUV, comes with decent gas mileage, and has plenty of technologies to forward to. It’s a decent choice for young explorers.