Sourcing a Professional Semi-Trailer Supplier

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As a professional semi-trailer supplier of Shandong Fudeng Automobile Co., Ltd, have a professional semi-trailer design and research team dedicated to providing customers with the best quality semi-trailer. Customers can have a wonderful purchasing experience from our professional sales team. Our service, which we offer to you with professional and mature after-sales systems, does not end after receiving the trailer from our company, it is a new beginning of our cooperation with china truck trailer. Financing Trailer welcomes customers from all over the world to visit our factory and cooperate. Our company has a perfect service system. When arranging the ship, we will offer you the cheapest shipping solution to help you save the sea freight cost. The china trailer manufacturers have a two-year quality guarantee for all trailers sold. Especially for high beams, if our high beam breaks in two years, we will replace a new one for you free of charge.

The best source for flatbed semi-trailer, frame semi-trailer, drop side semi-trailer, box/bulk/fence trailer, low bed semi-trailer, fuel tanker trailer, rear dump trailer, side dump trailer, bulk cement trailer, detachable low bed trailer, extension trailer, bitumen tank trailer, LPG/LNG/CNG trailer, special trailer, wood/timber transport trailer, tractor/head/horse truck, tipper dump truck, tanker truck.

Tri Axle Aluminum Fuel Tank Trailer

The available tri axle tipper trailer for sale is suitable for transporting foodstuffs such as edible oil and crude oil. Our three-axle aluminum warehouse trailers are produced using high-tech welding machines. FUNDING three axle aluminum tanker trailer has an advantage in terms of technical features, which is very important for semi-trailers. The quality of the three-axle aluminum warehouse trailer is not only about our reputation, but also about the safety of our customers’ goods, so we take this very seriously. We can supply you with 300 aluminum tankers per month.

Chassis Skeletal Semi Trailer

Tri Chassis Skeleton Semi Trailer can transport 20ft container and 40ft container from port to island, we design 12 container locks on trailer chassis. When transporting a 20ft container only, you can put it in the middle of the trailer and use 4 twist locks; When you ship two 20ft containers together, you can put them in front and back of the trailer using 8 twist locks; When transporting a 40 ft container, you can put it on the trailer using 4 twist locks.

Chassis Skeleton Semi Trailer is a kind of container carrier semi-trailer frame. The frame-type vehicle is welded with a longitudinal beam, beam, and front and rear end beam. The longitudinal beam is made of an I-shaped 16MN submerged arc welding steel plate, the beam is made of hollow-stamped steel plate, and the front and rear end beam is welded in a rectangular section. An integral long beam is arranged in the middle of the container locking device to improve the bearing capacity of the container locking device.

Heavy Duty Tri Axles Low Bed Trailer

If you encounter any long cargo movement restrictions, the three-axle low-bed trailer can be put to fair use. These trailers accommodate and transfer high loads without compromising legal procedures or the safety of the shipment. The customized low-bed trailer allows the user to lower the rear for extra convenience in carrying the loaded load. The Semi Sleeper Trailer has a bed height of almost 4 feet. It is generally used to carry loads that are relatively larger than the bed height. For this reason, it is used in a variety of industries, including heavy-duty transport and trucking, among others.

The construction of semi-low bed trailers secures the loaded load. You can move loads without worrying about unnecessary damage. The frame of this trailer is made of high-strength material, which gives it the necessary strength to withstand high pressure. The removable or foldable gooseneck semi-low bed trailer allows heavy loads to be loaded from the front rather than the rear or sides. This provides an additional level of security, especially when transporting heavy equipment. Therefore, you can use this trailer to safely transfer loads at your workplace.

End Tipper Trailer

The 3-axle end tipper trailer can be used for coal, ore, building materials, etc. It is suitable for transporting bulk cargoes. Our trailer uses computer-aided design software to optimize the design according to the quality requirements of the vehicle’s frame. Finite element analysis, scientific design, reasonable load, and the same load, effectively reduce the weight of the product, and can effectively improve the loading and unloading and transportation efficiency of the dump trailer. 3-axle tipped tipper trailer, safety and quality advantages will be well reflected in the operation of the vehicle. In the case of standard freight transport, the transport pressure of the semi-trailer is reduced, the quality is guaranteed, the operating income is greatly improved, and the operating cost is saved.