How to find out your VW equipment in your Car

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A configuration is a set of options and technical solutions implemented in a vehicle. Each car model is usually available in several configurations. In addition to the standard one, there are extended ones, which include additional options. The appearance of the vehicle, the level of safety, comfort, etc. depends on the configuration. Let’s consider all the ways to find out the vehicle’s equipment.

VW Car

VW Car

What are the different configurations?

There are the following basic configurations (the manufacturer can create its own configurations with a certain set of options):

  • Basic. The minimum possible set of units and equipment.
  • Standard. Expanded set of options, while the car remains in the budget price category.
  • Comfort. Cars with a large set of options, additional equipment, and interesting technical solutions that increase the comfort of car operation.
  • Luxury. Maximum equipment, providing a high level of comfort and technical characteristics. The interior in luxury packages may feature premium materials, a full range of safety systems, driver assistants, etc.

How can you find out the configuration of your car

How can you find out the configuration of your carpet’s look at the main ways to find out the car’s equipment:

  • You can find out the equipment by contacting an authorized dealer or on the official website of the manufacturer.
  • Online forums and communities are platforms where people with specific interests and goals communicate. Here you can find users who have access to catalogs and manufacturer’s databases.

The fastest and most reliable source of equipment data is special services that provide information based on the VIN code. This is an identifier that is assigned to the car at the manufacturing plant. It consists of 17 positions, which may contain digits or Latin letters. With the help of a special service (VIN decoder Volkswagen), you can get a complete history of the car, including its original equipment, and information about its changes during operation. The report will show the complete set, including the following data:

  • Make and model
  • Body Type
  • Engine Information
  • Production Series
  • Transmission Type, Number of gears
  • Eco Class;
  • Type of air conditioning system
  • Other technical specifications