How to Enroll in Truck Driving Training at Start CDL?

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For those who want to get a Commercial Driver’s License, renew it, or upgrade, Start CDL is a great place to try. We are a truck driving school helping students from all over the world to get their CDL and start a new career in a profitable and stable industry. We are proud to serve this cause since 2015, with more than 6,700 successful graduates.

What does our professional truck driving training look like

We provide courses for both gearbox types (keep in mind that the manual gearbox program allows you to drive an auto, too). We also teach an hourly course for applicants who need to upgrade their CDL class or extend its validity. Start CDL professional truck driving training program includes:

  • An online course for ELDT (stands for Entry Level Data Training). Upon its completion, you get a certificate added to the FMCSA record, so it is mandatory for getting a CDL.
  • How to conduct a pre-trip check-up.
  • Vehicle structure, main parts, maintenance basics.
  • Backing and parking different trucks in different conditions.
  • Mastering city driving.
  • Internal and final exams.

How to enroll in truck driving training at Start CDL

Want to begin studying in the greatest truck driving school in the USA? Nothing can be easier! First, ensure the following documents are available and valid:

  • Your legitimacy confirmation: a US passport, a green card, or a work visa.
  • A driver’s license (class C).
  • Proof that you’ve passed DOT medical certification (aka DOT med card).
  • A learner’s truck driver’s permit.

Then, fill in the form on our website:, and it is done! We will contact you shortly, ready to answer your every question and guide you through the learning process

Why choose our truck driving school

Our approach to training is aimed at your comfort and success. If you require more training hours to feel confident and safe behind the wheel, you can continue studying until you are ready for the exams. We organized the schedule in such a way that you can continue working and living your life while learning. Our teachers are most eager to ensure that you will complete your truck driver training as successfully as possible to become a demanded professional with easy employment and a stable income. Start CDl is a Philadelphia-based enterprise. But if you live in another state, worry not! We offer an inexpensive hostel not far from our main training center—you can save money on renting and time on getting to school. If you have any questions or something seems unclear, you can contact us in any way you feel comfortable: through the form or a chat on our website, via phone call, e-mail, or on socials: Facebook or Instagram. We will provide any information you need to decide if you want to make the first step on a new and exciting career path.