Let’s Look at Some of the Best Cars Available for Leasing in UK

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Car leasing (also called Personal Contract Hire) is a great alternative to purchasing a brand-new car, and there are a lot of cheap car leasing deals available throughout the UK. If you are looking for a new car but want cheaper monthly payments than what you would have to fork out to finance a brand-new vehicle, then it is time to look at car lease deals. No matter the car you are looking for, you are guaranteed to find a car lease agreement that suits your budget.

Best Electric Cars Available to Lease

Volkswagen ID.4 : You can get an affordable lease deal on the Volkswagen ID.4. This SUV can go up to 323 miles on a single charge and has multiple power options available. When charged at a high-power charging point, you will get an additional 200 miles in under 30 minutes of charging, which makes this car a great lease car if you have plenty of charge points around.

Fiat 500: The Fiat 500 is compact, zippy, and easy to drive. It can be leased as either a convertible or a hatchback, making it a great leasing option for both families and singles who want a light vehicle around town. You can search online if you want to find information on lease deals.

Best SUVs Available to Lease

Kia Sportage: The Kia Sportage comes with some of the best car leasing deals due to its popularity as a family vehicle. It comes as a full-hybrid or plug-in hybrid, as well as traditional fuel options. This vehicle has a large cabin with plenty of space for the whole family.

Land Rover Defender: We cannot list SUVs without including the Land Rover Defender on our list of cars to lease in 2022. This SUV is more rugged than the others included in this list and can take you offroad in any terrain. The Defender is available with petrol, diesel, or hybrid engines.

Best Cars to lease for Business purposes

Business leasing or business contract hire is when you lease a car specifically for your business or company.

Tesla Model 3 : The Model 3 has quickly become the UK’s best-selling electric car for businesses. Because of its low running costs, this car is available at relatively low leasing costs. There are multiple versions to choose from, including the Standard Range, Long Range, or Performance versions – meaning you can find the perfect car for your company.

Ford Puma : The Ford Puma is a compact SUV that is great for businesses as it provides space for the transportation of goods, yet is stylish enough to drop employees off and fancy functions. It follows a similar blueprint to the efficient and well-loved Ford Fiesta but with plenty more boot space and an upgraded look.

Best Coupes Available to Lease

BMW 4 Series: The BMW 4 Series is one of the best cars on the market today. Both the three-door and five-door options are excellent options for a lease, it will just depend on the amount of space you require. You can lease both the entry-level options, all the way up to the sporty BMW M4.

Lexus LC : The Lexus LC offers style, comfort, and easy handling. This car can be leased with either a V8 petrol engine or a hybrid engine for the environmentally-conscious driver. There is also a convertible option for those who enjoy coastal drives with the sun shining on their faces.

Best Hatchbacks Available to Lease

Honda Civic: Honda offers a reliable car that is perfect for the whole family. The Honda Civic is practical, safe, and easy to drive around the city. You can’t go wrong if you decide to lease the Honda Civic.

Ford Focus: The Ford Focus is a more easy-going car than the Honda Civic. Although it offers excellent performance and drivability, it looks unassuming to most. It is an extremely comfortable car to drive on your daily commute to work. You can also take it out into the country to test the handling on twisting lanes.

Final Thoughts

Car leasing is a great option if you want to avoid costly financing payments, but still enjoy the feel of a new car.