Apps Essential for Car Dealers

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How can we improve the car dealership, With many technological advancements in the past decades, the world is in a completely different generation as we are used to doing things just with a click. The E-commerce industry has advanced such that it has surpassed other sectors due to its better standards. Many new opportunities are launched every day, and many of them are from the E-commerce industry.

Essential Apps for Car Dealers

Essential Apps for Car Dealers

Many traders have resorted to online shopping because of its optimized revenue, contributing to a better trading experience with improved technology. Have you ever asked yourself what apps car dealers use, these are some of the best automotive dealer apps for car dealers.


Dealerlogix is only used by dealers who offer services. Dealerlogix can be used by either Android or iPad tablets, giving dealers a chance to serve their clients with a personalized experience. You need to put the client’s last name or the license plate number, and then all the client’s work history will pop up on the car dealer app. Dealers would then carry their tablets as they investigate the state of the car and know from the client if there is an area to be serviced. Dealerlogix allows you to create a simple, one-on-one presentation with a breakdown of all services in a concise and easy-to-understand way for the client. Customers will have a more personalized and practical experience.

Scanner App

Scanner app is not uncommon for car dealers to carry a lot of paperwork with them. Sometimes you need to urgently make a copy of important papers without which the deal will fail. The Scanner App for iPhone is salvation. The Document Scanner App for iPhone allows you to scan any document with the click of a button and save it to the cloud in any format. Also, the application lets you quickly send documents to any other device. The scanner app is free and can be installed on any iOS device.

DealerApp Vantage

DealerApp Vantage offers a wide range of services. It has different features that enable users to create an account for their vehicle with complete details like oil type, tire size, insurance, and warranty info and retain it for reference. They can also find their services through the My Garage feature. The Virtual Service Manager gives dealerships a chance to operate all service bookings Via this application and QR codes using this information at the dealership. Another feature is that it allows either the customer or the dealership to start a live chat and discuss to a conclusion.

The actual inventory is another feature that gives people an opportunity to see the car’s history, test drive it, and view all the vehicles you have in stock. You can also save your favorite vehicle in the favorites list. Make videos of your car to enable customers to have a better view. The included payment option allows customers to decide on what plans to make and creates Reg M and Reg Z compliance for all the cars quoted.

The Edmunds App

This app gives you listings and helps you do thorough research and approval. This app uses a correct market pricing tool to compare your saved cars easily and enables you to get the best means possible. It also gives accurate reviews based on thorough research. This app gives you information from many areas, from the estimated fuel cost to other small deals in your area. Apart from searching for your favorite car model, it gives you similar cars, calculates loans paid every month, saves your searches, and texts your client.

The CarMax App

If you are looking for a second-hand vehicle and don’t want to do a lot of research, this is the best app. This app gets its listings from CarMax dealerships, and their prices provide you value for your money. If you are not specific about your negotiating skills, this app gives you actual prices and gives you a chance to purchase a car without regretting it later. You will search for the vehicle you like based on its mileage, model, price, miles per gallon, and other features. You can also estimate the amount you wish to pay, schedule a free appraisal, view vehicle history reports, and request a purchase.

The CarGurus App

If you are looking forward to buying a new or a second-hand car, CarGurus simplifies your search. The app has the correct pricing information classified according to the make and model, and the process of browsing helps you to know if the car you are reviewing is worth the price or not. Professional reviews and on-app financing allow you to get the best shopping experience, and you will get free notifications of all saved searches in case of a price change. If you plan to sell your vehicle, CarGurus is the best place.

The App

If you are looking for an expert app, trust this app. The main characteristic of this app is that it gives you vehicle ratings, either positive or negative reviews by experts. On the other hand, the app will calculate the pricing if you have different variables like the amount you pay upfront and your credit score. You can also contact the dealers directly from the app to plan a test drive and see the car in person.


All the mentioned apps for car dealers build the loyalty of regular customers and possibly attract new ones. It would help if you have an application scanner on your phone to scan any documents when necessary. With a mobile app, dealers present their loyalty programs and build more customer trust. These apps allow the management to give their customers the best deals and plan on what car models to sell.