10 Steps To Take After A Car Crash

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Finding yourself in a car crash is an unfortunate situation. It can affect you mentally and monetarily. Every year, more than 12.15 million accidents occur in the US. That is why you need to prepare yourself beforehand to avoid any trouble if any such situation arises. By being prepared, you can make the best out of the situation and eventually, get compensation for your damages with the help of Joliet car accident lawyers. So here are ten steps you need to take after a car crash.

Steps to Take after Car Crash

Steps to Take after Car Crash

Ensure Personal Safety

After the crash, your first and foremost priority should be ensuring the safety of your passengers and yourself. Inspect for any potential injury and distance yourself from the crash to prevent the situation from spiraling out.

Stay at Scene

Keep yourself away from any potential danger but do not leave the scene. Stay nearby, possibly on the side of the road, and turn on the hazard light. Leave the accident scene only when it is appropriate to do so. If someone has sustained injuries, by leaving the crime scene, you will face legal consequences and be considered a hit-and-run driver.

Stay Calm and Collected

After a crash, panic and confusion can take over. So, try staying calm and collected to assess the situation in a better way. Do not get into an altercation with the other driver involved. Instead of blaming the other driver for the reckless behavior, involving the authorities is better than taking matters into your own hands.

Call 911

Immediately contact the police and explain the situation clearly. Also, explain what sort of damage or injury you or the other driver and passenger have suffered. Provide your location, and do not waste time providing unnecessary details over the phone.

Seek Medical Attention Immediately

If you or other drivers and passengers have sustained injuries, immediately seek medical attention. If someone has suffered a neck or back injury, do not make them move. Instead, wait for the medical professional to do it. Only move them if the situation seems hazardous. You may be trying to help and make the best out of the situation, but without a professional on the scene, it is too much of a risk. Wait for a professional to arrive and then move forward accordingly.

Gather information and Documents

If there is damage to your vehicle and you have sustained injuries, you must collect as much information as possible. Document everything using your phone’s camera and maintain the medical documents. It would help with the insurance and if you are going ahead with a personal injury lawsuit against the other driver.

Call Your Insurance Company

A cash deal on the spot may seem lucrative, but it is much better for you to call your insurance company. Inform your insurance company about the damages to the car and your injuries. Provide them with proof and the police report of the incident, be upfront, and explain everything in detail to avoid any problems with your claim. Do not try to hide or alter any relevant information. It can cause you to lose your coverage or even face legal consequences for insurance fraud.

Hire a Professional lawyer

If the entire incident isn’t your fault or any of the parties involved has sustained injuries, then start looking for Joliet car accident lawyers. Having a lawyer on your side is better to avoid being prosecuted or held liable. If you are not at fault, you can seek a claim for your damages with the help of an injury lawyer.

Avoid an Early Settlement.

Do not let the other party downplay your injuries or damages. Their insurance company might offer you an early settlement which may seem like a great deal at that time. But certain injuries show up after some time. Also, taking a settlement may not be a smart decision without assessing your damages and injuries. A professional injury lawyer will help you better in this situation to get you the claim you deserve. So, contact an attorney before signing any settlement agreement.

Conclusion :  Being in a car crash can be overwhelming. That is why you need to be prepared beforehand so that you know what needs to be done when the situation arises. Have an open mind, and try to make the situation as favorable for yourself as you can. Reaching out with compassion and intelligence is better when other drivers and passengers have suffered equal or worse injuries.