2017 Toyota 86

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The 2017 Toyota 86 is a series of sports cars manufactured by Toyota and Subaru and manufactured exclusively by Subaru. Toyota 86 has a boxer engine, front-mid-engine, rear wheel drive drivetrain and 2 + 2 seating. Toyota 86 is sold globally under 3 different brands with different model names. Toyota 86 in Asia, South Africa, North America (from August 2016), South America and Australia, GT86 in Europe, both of the above names in New Zealand, FT86 in Nicaragua and Jamaica.

2017 Toyota 86 Interior

The 2017 Toyota 86’s interior has a 2 + 2 seating only layers using mounted front seats. The rear seats fold down so that increased storage space for larger items. Three interior variations exist, the FR-S and base 86 models cloth seats with all black interior trim that a black pattern Dash trim functions while moving boat has red stitching. The BrZ two available interiors, one similar to the FR-S, but with silver stripe trim, a red stitch parking boat, black meter faces and a touch-screen navigation head unit; The second option upgrades to leather and Alcantara heated seats, automatic HVAC control, and began a push button. The top-of-the-range 86 models are equipped as BrZ except as described above, and Japanese interior can be made in black / red leather and Alcantara or full black leather and Alcantara.

2017 Toyota 86 Design

2017 Toyota 86 is designed to be a front-mounted boxer engine, rear-wheel drive configuration, inspired by the AE86. The flat architecture of the boxer engine can mount low, dropping from the center of gravity, leading to sporty handling characteristics. The exterior design of the 86 produces a slippery drag coefficient of cd = 0.27 and is inspired by the Toyota 2000GT’s low-to-the-ground profile and a long, sleek hood. The translation of design cues to 86 in areas such as upward behind the doors; the roof to the side window line; the front and rear haunches; the circular taillights in silver.

“The goal was to create an authentic rear-wheel drive sports car with compelling style, exceptionally balanced performance and handling, flexible utility and surprising MPG.” When asked about the TRD version of the car, the lead engineer Mr. Tada said “There is definitely a more TRD-oriented variant to be in line. But some of the parts that are standard on the TRD model to fit would be your current Toyota 86 so there is no reason to wait”.

2017 Toyota 86 Model

2017 Toyota 86 Model

The Toyota 86 “boxer” side badge appears on all Toyota and Scion versions of the car, but not the Subaru BrZ. Apart from signs, the main differences between the 86 / GT86 and BrZ the front grilles and bumper bars. The rest, including the 17-inchs alloy wheels.

2017 Toyota 86 GT

2017 Toyota 86 GT

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