2016 Tesla Model S

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The 2016 Tesla Model S is highest safety rating in America, main features are Autopilot, All-Wheel Drive Dual Motor, zero to 60 mph/2.8 seconds and 270 miles range (EPA) and Advanced Tesla’s electric delivers exhilarating performance which increase fans list. Unlike a gasoline internal combustion engine with hundreds of moving parts, Tesla Motors electric should be moving in only one piece: the rotor. As a result, the Tesla Model S is the acceleration, quiet and smooth. Step on the oil and just 2.8 seconds Model S goes 60 miles/hour, without a doubt, and without a drop of gasoline. Tesla Model S is the evolution of the automobile engineering.

2016 Tesla Model S Interior Design

The 2016 Tesla Model S’s cabin includes a careful sound engineering and powertrain Tesla’s only present in order to obtain the dynamics of the sound of a recording studio. Treasure of the interior is the 17-inches screen, which is angled toward the driver and includes both day and night modes for better visibility without interruption. It provides rich content at your fingertips and provides mobile connectivity so you can easily get to your destination, a song or a new restaurant.

The 2016 Tesla Model S come with 17 inches screen controls most functions of the vehicle. Open all glass panoramic roof, customizing automatic climate control, and change the radio station all this was done with a swipe or touch. The screen controls, digital instrument cluster, and steering wheels seamlessly combine media, navigation, communications, cabin controls and vehicle data.

The standard features are AM / FM / HD radio, online radio, on-demand Internet radio, Bluetooth®, USB and audio devices, call your own control, climate controls, and controls the room, High definition backup camera, optimized visibility and safety, the daily calendar synchronization schedule and tap to navigate, intuitive Google Maps ™ with real traffic, real time power consumption and a measuring range, Bluetooth-enabled, voice-controlled handsfree phone system, the Tesla Model S from time to time you get over the air software updates that add new features and refresh the touchscreen look and feel.

2016 Tesla Model S Exterior Design

Tesla’s design and engineering teams have gone out of the ordinary to ensure that air flows well above, around and below the Model S to reduce drag, and maximizes the range of the battery. The smart air suspension lowers the vehicle height highway speeds to reduce the frontal area. Electronically controlled hot stay closed until the sensors detect that the house is necessary. The front bumper air routes uninterrupted skidplate the battery’s flat through the rear diffuser. The result is a seven seat sedan and the stance of a coupe and the supercar aerodynamics.

2016 Tesla Model S door handles a art work. If you key in close proximity, they axiomatically extend. If you are no longer in use, they retract into the body of the vehicle, creating a seamless surface air to escape. Hidden in plain: Scan consistent body panel and I’ll get that door Model S has no fuel. The driver side taillight with hidden connector for charging and charge port opens automatically. The charging connector can not be removed until the Tesla Model S is unlocked.

2016 Tesla Model S All-Wheel Drive

Tesla Model S’s Dual Motor development categorical standard all-wheel drive systems. With 2 Motors, 1 in the front and other in the rear, digitally and individually of the Tesla Model S controls the torque to the front and rear wheels. The result is unprecedented traction control in all conditions. Conventional all-wheel drive cars and take the complex mechanical interaction to distribute power from one engine to all four wheels. This lays the efficiency in favor of all fire weather. On the contrary, each motor Model S is light, small and efficient in addition to its rear wheel drive counterpart, providing both enhanced range and rapid acceleration.
2016 Tesla Model S Dual Motor

All-wheel drive is available as an option Tesla Model S 70D and Model S 85. Tesla Model S Performance comes standard with All-Wheel Drive Dual Motor, pairing high achievement rear of the motor with a high efficiency motor to achieve supercar acceleration from zero to 60 miles per hour .

2016 Tesla Model S Autopilot Feature

Tesla Model S includes forward looking camera, radar, and 360 degree sonar sensors and traffic updates in real time axiomatically drive Model S on the road open and dense stop and go traffic. Change the lines becomes as easy as a tap turn signal. When you get to your destination, the Model S will both see the automatic parking and park itself. Standard features of the equipment monitoring and stop signs, signals and pedestrians, and the unintentional lane changes.

Autopilot features that are activate in the software up-gradation. Current version 6.2 software, include an automatic emergency braking warning the blind area. Model S autopilot parking, find parking space and auto parks. In the city, it will notify you when you receive a parallel parking in the area to control the steering, acceleration and deceleration to part with it. When approaching the station Supercharger, Model S automatically parks in an open stall. Model S will park itself in the garage at home.

With calendar synchronization is activated, traffic system checks to analysis time is required to make the 1st meeting of the day. At the right time, it turns on the climate control and open the door to the garage. On private property, the Model S will not even pull out of the garage and the street together.

2016 Tesla Model S Safety

The Tesla Model S is got 5-star rating in all categories of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) crash test. Much of the safety of its unique owed electric drivetrain lives under the vehicle aluminum resident cell in its own subframe. This unique positioning lowers the center of gravity vehicle, which improves handling and minimizes rollover risk, and replaces the heavy engine block and the impact absorbing boron steel rails.

2016 Tesla Model S p90d

2016 Tesla Model S p90d

Side effects are met pillars of aluminum reinforced with steel rails to reduce the intrusion, the occupants to protect the battery and improve the roof strength. In the event of an accident, eight airbags protect front and rear occupants, and the battery automatically disconnects the main source of power. The worst should happen, there is no car safer than the 2016 Tesla Model S.