Nissan Skyline

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The Nissan Skyline is a car manufactured by Nissan. Nissan Skyline model was sold between 1989 and 1994. Nissan Skyline (R32) GTS-T falls under the sedan category of cars. This car has a coupé type body. The engine of this car is front mounted. Max speed of this car is expected to reach 230 km/h. This car has a claimed curb weight of 1260 kgs. There are two doors present in this car. The 1990 Nissan Skyline (R32) GTS-t is an RWD car. Nissan Skyline car has HICAS four-wheel steering system, categorized as “Compact” as per the Japanese legislation system at the time the car was released to the market. Skyline car features a multilink front and rear suspension.

Nissan Skyline : Interior

The 1990 Nissan Skyline has a basic dashboard that provides all the necessary features to the driver. The floor carpet is decent and as per the needs of car buyers. There are slots to allow airflow inside the car. Seats are comfortable and allow passengers to travel without getting tired. The car follows the safety standards of the interior set by the Japanese and US government. The roof of the car allows proper flow of air. There are certain modifications you can do to this car’s interior according to your specific taste.

Nissan Skyline GTR R34

Nissan Skyline GTR R34

The steering wheel of the car provides a nice grip and makes it easier for the driver to handle the car. The handbrake and gear handle are made of high-quality products and can withstand heavy use. There are buttons that allow you to handle automotive glass easily. The classic manual ignition key allows the driver to turn the car on and off. There are knobs inside the car doors that allow the passengers to open and close car doors. There is space for installing a black cover on car windows.

Nissan Skyline : Engine

The 1990 Nissan Skyline (R32) GTS-t has an RB25DET engine. This engine comes with turbocharged technology. The inline 6-cylinder engine runs on petrol and can provide 212 bhp power output. This specific engine has an EFI fuel system. The water coolant system of this engine makes it reliable for continuous use. There are 24 valves present in this engine, and it has a compression ratio of 8.50. This engine is a rear-wheel-drive engine. The engine has a longitudinal alignment and has 5-speed manual transmission. This engine also uses the Electronically Concentrated Control System or ECCS injection system.

Nissan Skyline : Safety

The 1990 Nissan Skyline (R32) GTS-t has amazing braking power. There are vented discs present at the rear and front of the car, which makes the braking system reliable for daily use. The door panels of the car are also fit for traveling. The trunk lid and side mirrors also allow the driver to drive easily. The good thing about this car is its mechanical power. This car can run on the road without misses and provides smooth acceleration, allowing you to drive smoothly. The presence of a handbrake enables you to stop your car easily. The foot brake pedal in this specific model is made of high-quality material. There are seat belts present in this car that allow passengers to stay safe on the road and follow the safety standards set by the government.

The headlights of this car have amazing throws and allow the driver to see everything clearly on the road. Other than that, there is a powerful horn installed in this car. You can change the horn and headlights of the car in case you are looking for a strong option. The alloy rims of the car also provide amazing grip on the road.