2018 Mini Cooper

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2018 Mini Cooper is a sporty version of a small British car. 2018 Cooper was originally based on the standard Morris Mini Minor and Austin Seven models designed by Alec Issigonis. However, these were adapted to rally and racing by the sports and racing car manufacturer John Cooper (1923-2000) in terms of engine, chassis, and equipment. The Mini Cooper gained its fame by winning three times the rally of Monte Carlo in its class in the 1960s. Nowadays the Mini Cooper is based on the MINI One, made by BMW.

From 1971, the Mini Cooper 2018 also built under license. In Italy by the Italian manufacturer Innocenti under the name Innocenti Mini Cooper 1300, and from 1973 in Spain by Authi under the name Authi Mini Cooper 1300. John Cooper was one of Alec Issigonis’s friends. He was known in the racing and rally world and built constructions for the Formula 1 class. After the successful sales results of the Mini, he immediately realized that these cars – with some adjustments, were particularly suitable for racing and rallying purposes.

2018 Mini Cooper S

The Mini Cooper S became famous after winning the Monte Carlo Rally in the years 1964/65 and 67. In the rally of 1966 Mini Coopers were also 1st, 2nd and 3rd crossed but after a controversial decision of the French judges about the used lighting disqualified and the final victory went to the French brand, Citroën. The production of the Mini Cooper 970 S was stopped in 1965. In 1967 the Mini’s were facelifted. The Cooper version was included and included the models Cooper 998 and 1275 S.

2018 Mini Cooper S

2018 Mini Cooper S

In 1969, the Austin and Morris brands entered British Leyland. Since then the car has been sold – depending on the type – under the name Mini 850/1000. The Cooper versions were limited to the Cooper S and 1275 GT. The 1275GT was presented as the replacement for the Mini Cooper equipped with the 998 cc engine. The Mini Cooper S with the 1275 cc engine was, in addition to the 1275GT, however, just two years to 1971 delivered. The 1275GT is still often incorrectly referred to as 2018 Mini Clubman. However, the official name is simply Mini 1275GT.

2018 Mini Cooper Equipment

The 1275GT built in England was equipped with a tachometer and a close-ratio gearbox, was not as fast as the 1275 Mini Cooper S, but a lot cheaper in the purchase, in fuel consumption and in insurance. The performance was good for that time; from 0-100 km/h in 12 seconds and excellent torque in the middle-speed range.

2018 Mini Cooper Clubman

2018 Mini Cooper Clubman

The 1275GT was one of the first vehicles in which the instrument wiring in the dashboard was processed on printed circuit boards. This technique is now standard but was in 1969 a real technical novelty. The 1275GT was also the first vehicle to be equipped with special Dunlop Denovo run-flat tires from 1974 onwards. If these were pierced by a sharp object, a blow-out belt was excluded because the tire was designed in such a way that it was emptied very quickly. These tires also offered the advantage that after that – with the flat tire, it was still possible to drive at speeds up to 80 km/h for a long time. However, this useful and safe option was generally ignored by the buyers because of the annoying noise that the tires made on the road.

A new 2018 Mini Cooper RSP (Rover Special Products) was produced in 1990/91 for a very short time and in a small number. This version had less power than the Coopers from 1960 but turned out to be so popular that the version was taken back into production. From 1992, the Coopers were no longer equipped with double carburetors but with the 1275 cc engine and monopoint fuel injection. In 1997, the multipoint fuel injection was put into use and the radiator moved from the side to the front.

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