2016 McLaren 650S

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The 2016 McLaren 650S is a supercar designed and lanunched by McLaren Automotive. It was released in February 2014 as latest model, based on existing McLaren MP4-12C along 25% parts and was unveiled at 2014 Geneva Motor Show. The McLaren 570S shares the MP4-12C’s Carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer chassis, and is powered by the same McLaren M838T 3.8-litre V8, twin-turbo engine, but now developing 641 bhp (478 kW; 650 PS) and 500 lb·ft (680 N·m) of torque. Power is transmitted to the wheels through a seven-speed near instantaneous shift dual-clutch gearbox.

2016 McLaren 650S Interior

The 2016 McLaren 650S features a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox for super-fast gearshifts and unparalleled efficiency. You can control gearshifts with a Formula 1-inspired rocker shift lever mounted on the steering wheel. That means gearshifts and easily, or you’re flat-out through Eau Rouge or flowing through the Monaco Grand Hotel hairpin. New feature allows stacked shifts when the driver is in charge of rocker quit many times, to deliver directly to the desired gear change.

The suspension connects you the way, and how quickly the gearshifts respond to your inputs, and even the amount of 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8, Sport and Track modes allow you to tailor McLaren 650S is ideal for driving your favorites. Refined cruiser one minute, the track-day thrill to the next.

Not only styling the McLaren 650S will take your breath away, its external cavity have also been designed to keep your eyes on the road. The dashboard laid out in a simple and logical way, the steering wheel uncluttered. The Cowl low – another benefit of a powerful V8 being put behind you – allows you to scan the road without interruption, and the tops of the arches are positioned directly above the front wheels and see the driver’s seat. This means you can give McLaren 650S, whether you’re clipping the title at the Nürburgring or maneuvering into a parking space.

With a powerful twin-turbo V8 at your disposal, it is imperative that you can easily find all the control in the place of McLaren’s 650S. That’s why we’ve grouped all of the button and change to reflect how often you’ll use them, to reduce the time you need to look away from the road, or making it intuitive so you simply do not need to. Buttons that make the driving experience are grouped logically into the center console; those for the climate control zones are in the door panels create an elegant symmetry.

2016 McLaren 650S Design

Always go to your McLaren 650S, will feel the same tingle of excitement as if the eyes. Every panel, every face, every detail has been painstakingly designed your breath away and enhance the pleasure of the drive. Just like our Formula 1 racers, every kilogram on the McLaren 650S has to justify existence. It’s what makes our vehicles so thrilling to drive. Paintwork The McLaren 650S’s complicity: our 3-stage, Formula 1-inspired technology ensures color paint, tint, beauty and flawless finish, while keeping weight to very little. Whether it’s a personal favorite, or you want to evoke with cars from the past McLaren’s heir, you’ll find your perfect color McLaren 650S. The AkzoNobel paint mixed by hand, the application by hand and finished by hand you want the levels.

Not only do the McLaren 650S’s lightweight forged alloy wheels look stunning, they’re strong and shed weight at the most. That means that enrich the McLaren 650S’s breathtaking dynamics, improving its ride comfort and complement the work of mind-blowing 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8’s. They’re provided with all the new high understanding of the Pirelli P Zero ™ Corsa System tires developed in conjunction with McLaren. Optimized cornering stability even faster, improved fire and braking better.

Inspired by the McLaren P1 and echoing the McLaren speed mark, the 650S features a striking all-LED lights and all the activities – dipped- and full-beam, indicators, day-time running lights – illuminated by LED technology. LED lights are as bright as the Xenon, but always the life of the vehicle and draw less current, saving fuel and CO2.

2016 McLaren 650S Innovative Technology

A large part of the reason for the 2016 McLaren 650S feel so closely linked to the road is the carbon fiber MonoCell its core. It’s strong, it’s light, safe, but it’s not flex when he finally dares to take Flugplatz flat. McLaren 650S in its grip. Its pioneered the use of carbon fiber in Formula 1 and road cars production. For over 30 years, and we have made to the car had carbon fiber at its core. It took 4,000 hours each to make the carbon fiber chassis on the McLaren F1. After years of innovation later, it takes just four hours to produce the MonoCell makes McLaren 650S feel so special.

2016 McLaren 650s Spider

2016 McLaren 650s Spider

You’ll love because it looks gorgeous, but it took hundreds of hours of advanced computational fluid dynamics, wind tunnel testing weeks and desire for perfection to create a breathtaking contours McLaren 650S. The result is a beautiful bodywork that just happens to your lap time. Every curve, every crease, every intake, each of the 2016 McLaren 650S is honed to improve the performance of aerodynamic.