2017 Maserati GT

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Maserati is making some changes to its program over the next few years, one of which includes the 2017 Maserati GT also known as 2017 Maserati GranTurismo, which will only be offered as a Coupe when it hits showrooms in 2017. The Maserati GM, North Europe Manager Peter Denton confirmed that there is no successor Grancabrio still Quattroporte and Ghibli will show both the top saloon form, and Alfieri sports car Levante SUV, the manufacturer will have both a Coupe and a different spider. The 2017 GranTurismo will be replaced at the end of 2017, but only as Coupe, “said Denton.” We feel that the gap will be filled by the Alfieri Spider, due early 2017. ” 2017 Maserati Alferi will also come in both rear- wheel and drive 3.0-liter turbo V6 producing 404 hp, 444hp or 513hp. 2017 Maserati GT will come and powered by 550hp or better 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 that gets sent to the rear wheels. Automaker is expected to more than double the best sales figures from last year, 15,400 in 2013, and expects 38,000 units at the end of this year.

2017 Maserati GT Interior

2017 Maserati GT, Interior that combines an attractive design and great things with luxury that only space and light can provide. A room designed to make car GranTurismo both high-performance sport and which can stir up strong emotions in both the driver and passengers. Which theme is echoed in the interior style V-shaped decorative feature running across the dashboard.

The choice of leather upholstery is hand Poltrona Frau®, the result of months of hard development work. I sporty front seats generous in size and can be adjusted electronically; easy entry system enables them to fully moved forward to provide convenient access to one of the two seats more spacious, luxurious rear, relaxing place to enjoy the journey.

Sitting in the 2017 Maserati GT driving seat, one immediately notices the new three-spoke sports steering wheel grip profiled: the skin freezes, practical and ergonomic, it is equipped with controls designed to increase the safety of the drive for use with a vehicle. The main multimedia functions can be controlled using buttons on the steering wheel, and displayed on the 7 “screen Maserati Multimedia System located in the center of the dashboard.

2017 Maserati GT Exterior

2017 Maserati GT, 2017 Maserati GranTurismo succeeds in combining unrivaled class and elegance games uncompromising performance than any other four-Seater car. External lines exude the tension dynamic sporting prowess from the vantage point: from the mouth of the large oval surrounding the grille radiator, bodywork seems to hold the car and the mechanical structure all the way to the rear, like a dress tight over the hips Curvaceous.

Pininfarina has been very elegant and sensual garments, the underlying idea of the GranTurismo: sports car character with space because everyone on the board. Inspired by the Maserati Birdcage 75th car concept, the exterior appears muscular, with a natural fluidity that starts at the front grille and extends all the way around to tail lights.

The powerful, dynamic front end The 2017 Maserati GTculminates in the oval radiator grille and new horizontal lamps: lamps, LED, completely covers the fenders. The long bonnet, with the “V” shape Classic, has air number three on each side of the classic Maserati style, which is easy section sounds to create the overall image of dynamism and verve. Moving towards the back of the car, the rear pillar carries the oval Maserati logo known as the “Saetta”, while its sporty personality and high-tech development are soul diffuser aerodynamic opens out under the bumper and modern, triangular rear light assembly comprising 96 LED lights, to give a light brighter than conventional light, last longer and use electricity.

2017 Maserati GT Engine

The beating heart of the2017 Maserati GT with 4.2-liter V8 engine, the new generation of engines progenitor, includes technical features to ensure that power and speed, typical of racing engines from Maserati has always drawn inspiration. It emits a deep growl at a low minute and the thunder of the engine’s fearsome as it comes to a climax and sends a genuine shiver down the spine at the highest revs.

2017 Maserati GT Concept

2017 Maserati GT Concept

The transmission Maserati GranTurismo’s hydraulic makes use of the full engine power: auto-adaptive automatic gearbox and delivers top performance at low and medium engine speeds without restricting the power of the moment and allows gear shifts to be postponed until 7.100 per minute, higher revs than almost any other automatic transmission in the world. There are four operating modes: Auto Normal, Auto Sport, Auto ICE and Manual.

2017 Maserati GT Release Date & Price

Officially 2017 Maserati GT release date yet not available, 2017 Maserati GT price will start from $70,000.