2016 Lotus Elise S

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The latest addition to the 2016 Lotus Elise S is the new supercharged S model, delivering 217 horsepower and 184 lbft (250 Nm) of torque, astonishing performance from such a lightweight car. The ultimate evolution of the 2016 Lotus Elise S, its new 1.8-liter supercharged and charge cooled engine delivers instant acceleration with even more torque, which is available in the entire speed range from low. To change Select Sport mode and DPM characteristics for more commitment.

2016 Lotus Elise S Interior

Get 2016 Lotus Elise S, comfortable in the ergonomically designed sports bucket seats and grasp the small and perfectly contoured steering wheel. All controls are positioned for maximum ease of use under the most demanding conditions, along nothing superficial or cosmetic distracting from the driving experience. Aluminium has strongly, including a machined aluminum handbrake grip and gear knob and perfectly positioned pedals.

The 2016 Lotus Elise S has face-level vents, which is positioned to cool to buy with air conditioning as an option. And if the engine melody alone is not enough for you, an Alpine CD receiver with iPod® and MP3 connectivity provides extra soundtracks through its 4 speaker system.

2016 Lotus Elise S Features

Lotus DPM (Dynamic Performance Management) adds to the 2016 Lotus Elise S leading global management by providing additional stability when the high grip are exceeded. The selectable Sport mode takes DPM one step further, allowing driver to safely explore the limits even further. Improve a number of specially selected lightweight alloy wheels subtly the way your car looks and drives. These are combined to produce the compound Yokohama AD07 tires specifically developed to produce tailored a tire, in perfect harmony with the suspension and chassis work.

Aerodynamic styling of the 2016 Lotus Elise S includes a unique rear diffuser design that both harmonises airflow under the rear of the car and also provides clean and efficient lines to the underbody, leave the exhaust system through its center. The distinctive headlamps incorporate hi-tech LED daytime running lights and indicators, while  LED brake light cluster is instantly recognizable. Function is not at the expense of shape on the Elise. Wherever you will look at you to see the attention to detail, such as the machined aluminum petrol filler cap.

2016 Lotus Elise S Options

The 2016 Lotus Elise S Comfort package includes a CD / MP3 / WMA receiver with 4 speakers, comfort mats with CR Logo, Central, sound insulation, lightweight aluminum footrest passenger, front mudflaps, battery and standard suspension with standard stabilizer.

The 2016 Lotus Elise S, lightweight sports seats are available as part of the Sports Pack. If the sports pack, the seats will only elected black in fabric. If both Sport and Touring Pack selected together, then there is a choice of black leather or Suedetex®. The sports seat offers unprecedented level of support and comfort for driver and passenger.

2016 Lotus Elise S Engine

All-alloy, 1.8-liter DOHC 4-cylinder, dual VVT-i, 16-valve with Magnuson R900 loaders using Eaton TVS ™ technology: 0-60 mph 4.2 seconds / 0-100 km / h 4 6 seconds, 0-100 mph (0-160 km / h) 11.2 seconds. Top speed 145 hours miles (234 km / h). Fuel Consumption: MPG (L / 100km) city 27.3 (10.3), Extra Urban 47.6 (5.9), combi 37.5 (7.5), the C02 emissions (g / km). Performance dynamics aesthetically and aerodynamically adapted. The impressive Elise S is by a rear wing, the rear part of the 2016 Lotus Elise S from over arches, creating more downforce than the standard rear clam-shell.