Lincoln Black Label

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2017 Lincoln Black Label come with personalized experience that can exceed ownership. 2017 Lincoln Black Label is designed to impress those with impeccable taste for fine arts and culture, Lincoln Black Label unites design and service with a trustee collection of interior themes and a host of exclusive membership privileges, inspired by attention to detail and love of cars.

Lincoln MKC Black Label, Modern Heritage is the perfect theme for those who want a clean, modern aesthetic value. A high-contrast black-and-white interior is highlighted by Crimson stitching, creating a timeless ensemble of elegance without opulence. Modern Heritage for the Lincoln features a clean black-and-white interior of Jet Black and White Vianca bags. Diamond L perforated seat inserts add an elegant touch of luxury seat outboard. Crimson stitching highlights the interior, creating a subtle emphasis, while Piano Black wood appliqués covered steering wheel, center console, and doors for an extra touch of sophistication.

Four rich to enjoy the beauty of chocolate. The new Lincoln Black Label 2017 model can fulfill your desire with a beautiful interior that creates a feeling of warmth similar to holding a cup of delicious hot cocoa. Ganache and Truffle leather come together, creating a single sensory experience that attracts just like a fine piece of chocolate.

2017 Black Label, Inspired by the relationship between a famous Dada artist and his muse, this theme features specific material traditional decorations and a duotone palette of Rouge Noir and Quartz learns the culture of the Roaring Twenties follow explored. The Muse for 2017 Lincoln has an inspired duotone palette of Rouge Noir and Quartz bags. With a link L seat perforations gives new meaning to Art Nouveau, emulating traditional decorations and artisan aluminum appliques are as intriguing as they are unforgettable.

Four rights and elite lifestyle of horse racing with thoroughbred, a reflection of the traditional American history. With a Jet Black interior with rich chestnut leather, this theme is the perfect companion for the equestrian enthusiast. With an available 400 horsepower 3.0L engine GTDI, it’s only fitting that the Lincoln Continental presented with the Thoroughbred theme. Within bags captures the spirit of racing while Chilean Maple wood inlays, Alcantara® suede fabric accents and Jet Black trim the excitement over the entire feed. The end result is a truly increased expression of what could be a Lincoln.

2017 Lincoln Black Label Model

2017 Lincoln Black Label Model

2017 Lincoln Black Label Specification

Type: Luxury vehicle
Rating: 5/5 Performance Ford | 5/5 Cavalier Auto Group
Model: 2017 Lincoln MKC
MSRP: From $45,635
Horsepower: 240 to 285 hp
MPG: Up to 21 city / 28 highway
Towing capacity: 2,000 lbs
Curb weight: 3,771 to 3,952 lbs
Engine: 2.0 L 4-cylinder, 2.3 L 4-cylinder

2017 Lincoln MKC Black Label Configurations & Price

2017 Lincoln MKC Black Label 2.0L SUV $45,635
2017 Lincoln MKC Black Label 2.0L AWD SUV $48,040
2017 Lincoln MKC Black Label 2.3L AWD SUV $49,180